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Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

I'm off to be gay in Philly!

In a few minutes, I'll be getting showered/dressed and heading into Philadelphia for Gay Pride! I haven't done one of these things in a few years (when Paul and I marched in NYC with Shelley Ott).

Last night, I was SO beat. I got home at 5:30, having been on my feet since 9am at work at the record store. I was going to head down to the movie theatre to see what was happening with the car show "the Cruise" going on down on Landis Avenue (every year, the city has blocked our driveway, though potential customers can come in from the Delsea Drive side via the Shop-Rite parking lot if they think of it). I just couldn't move.

At about 7pm, I headed next door instead and helped Alby a bit with cleaning out the pool. It's still got lots of leaves in it and will need to be vaccuumed quite a few more times while we are putting the first treatment(s) for the summer in. It's also going to need more water in it, since the water is only a couple inches high right now. Before it's filled up, entirely, though, we have to scrub the sides and get rid of the "ring" around the rim....

When I got home, I settled down for "Reality Bites" (the new 10th anniversary DVD) and put on the commentary track. It's not the best track (that would be, honestly, Trey and Matt's on Cannibal: The Musical or This is Spinal Tap's (with the members of the band) and not the worst track (um, The Mighty Wind's was pretty boring</a>).
Afterwards, I started watching Keeping the Faith (after watching a movie that reminds me not only of my time(s) with Paul but certainly my time(s) with Michael, I decided that it was a while since I watched the movie that to me is about Michelle Andrews (even Michelle's mother, Emma, when she saw it said that Jenna Elfman's character was Michelle and that the movie "was about her in college" (meaning Michelle, Michael and I)).

When Paul got home, I went downstairs and we watched the first half of the Bette Midler "Biography" that aired earlier this week...absolutely fabulous! It included not only archival photos, but a VIDEO of Bette as Tzietel in Fiddler AND performing at the Baths(!).
Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up


I'm finally getting a chance to listen to this simply sublime album. I've always been a big fan of Bette's. I've known I've wanted this one since it came out. However, fundage has been low lately. I waited and got it yesterday while the store was offering all employees an extra 10% off of everything (so, while we had 40% off of movies and music, we got this, I got "Fiction Plane: Everything Will Never Be Okay", we got "Will and Grace: Season One", "Star Trek:TNG: Season Six", "Star Trek:DS9: Season Seven" and "Lord of the Rings: Two Towers: Extended Edition").

This is easily one of Bette's best works in some time. There are some very simple arrangements that don't take away from the songs or from Bette. Meanwhile, there are some wonderful original arrangements as well ("Come On-A My House" is a stand out!). Taking a cue from Rosemary's original performance of "Hey There" with some humor and a twist on her own persona (I'm thinking of "Friends" from "the Divine Miss M"), Bette has fun with the overdubbed versions of herself.

This is also her reunion with Barry Manilow, who sings a duet with her and serves as producer and accompanist here.

A great album to spin during your holiday parties!