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Third Friday...

This week was third Friday...SO... soon as I got out of work, I headed to the bank, rushed home, showered/changed and went down to High Street. First, I couldn't find a space...then I went down to the other end of the street (down by the Riverfront Center) and FINALLY got was drizzling a little bit and I ran across the street and into the gallery.

I've not been very happy with the RRCA since they offered us (meaning the HCRT) shelter than unceremoniously threw us out without a reasonable explanation. Pretty much, I've decided that whenever I'm there for third Friday, I'm going to grab one of the biggest plates and chow down on all the hors d'oevres (chips/dips, veggie platters, little sandwiches, etc.) and cost them money. The show this time was BORING! Landscapes...all the SAME landscape: the Maurice River. YAWN!

After grabbing some nosh, I QUICKLY got out of there...I liked some of the stuff at the Clay College, wasn't impressed with the show at High Street Designs, liked the prints that were at the Forge...

...I bumped into and chatted with Mary Wijsmuller, Jacquie Hair, Matt O'Neill, Michael and Kerri Panichello and others...I found a book that I've been searching for a while for at Wind Chimes Book Exchange...(The Currents of Space by Isaac Asimov)...I read the "Robot" series (don't even get me started on what those assholes in Hollywood have done to the books, it seems), but have been waiting to read the Empire books until I had all three...and little by little, I've managed to find them all at the Wind Chimes...

...After Wind Chimes, I headed up to Rita's studio (then back to my car after about 9-ish to bring the car down to near Rita's (the ...In Progess studios). The usual gang had gathered there in the front room...Sandy Torres (with her new GIRLfriend in tow), Marni, Bob, Allen, Maggie (a friend of Rita's who we generally only see on Third Friday), Pamela (one of the other artists), Larry (ditto), and assorted other odd characters. Rita usually puts out a great spread...this time, it was crackers with hummus, lots of fruit, wine, etc. All in all a great night (didn't get home til nearly two).
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