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Great weekend...I'll post in two parts...

Let me tackle Saturday and Sunday first, then I'll post about Friday in my NEXT post (since that'll be longer anyway)...

I worked most of the day on Saturday (I was scheduled from 9am to 6pm, but got out of work at 5:45pm). I went home, showered, changed, surfed on the web while watching some of the Seventh season of "Friends" on DVD...until I got to an episode that Becky and I had been discussing earlier in the week and could now comment on. I immediately called her up.

Here are the two episodes in question (both on the Seventh Season box set): 1) The One With Rachel's Book and 2) The One Where Rosita Dies.

in 1) Mr. Geller tells Chandler and Monica that he had to marry his wife because he'd gotten her pregnant when her diaphragm broke (Monica says that he told this story at one of her slumber parties)

in 2) Mr. Geller says that Ross was a "Miracle" baby 'cause they never thought that Judy could conceive.

Now, if they thought Judy was barren why did she have a diaphragm? Or, why would they be trying to conceive before wedlock (but still inexplicably using a diaphragm)?

...I said that I thought that it was possible that the "Miracle" baby story was what the Geller's told ROSS (since it is said in front of him) and that the truth (the conception before wedlock) is what is told to MONICA (and that Ross has never found out that he was conceived before wedlock)...
At 9 O'Clock, I joined Marni at the DeMarco Cinemas to seeHome on the Range. It was pretty cute, the voices were all acted well, the songs were pleasant (without being as obnoxious as the stuff that Phil Collins and Sting have written for Disney recently).

After the movie, we hung out at the theatre, waiting for the theatre to close (there were still other movies running)...Jarvis had shown up while we were in the movie (he usually plays music with his friend Josh on Saturday nights after closing) as did Bob (Marni's boyfriend). Soon, we were joined by Allen and a surprise pair of guests: Shelley (Ott) and her husband Mike. Shelley is an OLD friend from college, who will seemingly disappear and resurface every few was very nice to get to visit and see that we could just pick up where we left off conversation-wise (and this is even after she's been a bit domesticated...).

We all ended up at Denny's (Bob, Marni, Mike, Shelley, Paul and I).

Sunday night, I spent most of the day lazing around the house, watching television, etc. I went out, got my comics, read a bit, headed into work at the movie theatre... the movie theatre, soon after the last showing of "Hellboy" began to play, we had a surprise visit from Terri Garvey!! It was so wonderful to get to sit, talk and laugh with her...she's been performing for the last few months as Lily Langtry at Lily Langtry's in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and at other locations around the nation (she's been on a tour with the restaurant). She's loving it!
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