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Weird Dream last night - chasing a bomb on the boulevard...

Oh! I never posted about the weird dream I had last night...

...first of all, it was what I refer to as a "nested" dream...they remind me of those old Russian 'nesting' dolls where you open up a doll and there's another one inside, except I keep "waking up" into another dream...

...I end up having a dream, waking up into another dream (though I go through some "waking up" motions (perhaps brushing my teeth or getting dressed), I'm actually still asleep...

...this was one of them...

I don't remember the order of them, but I know that at times I was at started as the motherlode of work anxiety dreams...I pretty much was at all the jobs I've ever had (except for hosting the karaoke show). I remember seeing a LARGE backroom area where a shipment was coming in (like the one at the K-Mart), I was unpacking boxes of video tapes (like at FYE, but I was opening them and putting them in the clear plastic cases like at Four Star Video). I also remember seeing some food boxes coming in that I had to bring back to a large walk-in refrigerator (like at Taco Bell)...I know that Anne (my boss at Taco Bell) and Jeff (my boss from Four Star) were both in that portion of the dream, but I don't remember them necessarily giving me orders (Jeff was never the "bossy" type anyway and I actually liked Anne, though she could be tough).
Meanwhile, I'd "wake up" and start recounting to Paul that I was at Taco Bell or the video store then I'd head to work and be back in this weird conglomeration of work again.
Then, at one time I woke up to find that more work was being done on our house (and now all the stuff from the upstairs computer room was also in our living room)...but our kitchen was done and my grandmother (who is dead) was making me breakfast...

...then in another part of the dream, I was some kind of a cop or secret agent or something like that...I was driving down the boulevard, chasing another car on the other side of the boulevard (the boulevard is two roads with a train track between them) and that I was trying to catch them before they left a bomb somewhere...when they finally pulled into this big warehouse and I had to chase them in, guns a blazing, my partner in this adventure was BIG AL (my karaoke I guess he DID manage to get into the subconscious somehow, though not in the same part)...

Then I watched this week's Soprano's episode with Tony's own "nested" dreams and it was pretty freaky how well the writers were able to replicate just how surreal my own dreams are (though mine, of course, have different subject matter and storylines)...that bit with his father and Big Pussy taking the ride in the car reminds me of the dreams I have about my grandfather...I see my grandmother in dreams relatively frequently. She's usually housebound with me (in our old house...or downstairs in our current house...which usually ends up looking like my old house anyway...the upstairs bedroom always ends up morphing into my old bedroom), but whenever I see my grandfather in dreams, I'm always in the backseat of one of our old "big boat" style buick cars and he's driving and we're on some family vacation or another (probably to Massachusetts to see my grandmother's family)....
Hopefully, tonight will be a little more restful...
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