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Kind of a dull day...

I mostly just lazed around the house and vegged in front of the television and the computer. First, our dinner has been postponed for ANOTHER week and we didn't go to Kris and Becky's for board games, either (Becky has a case of strept (sp?) throat).

BUT, we finally caught the final episode of the current season of "Dead Like Me" (it's been sitting on the TiVo for a while...we finally had a chance to dub it off). We also caught the first episode of "The WB's Superstar USA"...we didn't see the second episode yet, but it's being TiVo'd on Friday instead of tonight...

...that show is EVIL but funny! Holy shit! I have no idea how the celebrity judges (Vitamin C and Tone Loc) managed to keep straight faces while praising these horrible losers. After enduring some truly rotten singers at karaoke (I just don't get how they don't understand how bad they are...and PLEASE don't tell me that's what karaoke is about, 'cause we had a bunch of GOOD singers, too!), I'm glad to see these people hopefully getting their dream balloons punctured now that they are watching themselves on television...

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to head out to the movies at the Ritz (to see "Troy"...I'll save "Shrek 2" for one of the upcoming weeks, I guess...though it would be nice to sit through it without kids in the audience!). I'm also planning on hitting "Bounce" for karaoke and I'm already pretty much planning what I want to sing tomorrow (I've been thinking about a couple of songs since the beginning of the week..)...I'll post my "set" list tomorrow night when I get home.


Meanwhile, two things involving our outside kitties: 1) little "Minnie" is undergoing a name change now that I've gotten a good look at "her", she'll now be called "Manny"..."Minnie" should actually be spelled "Mini" since we called him the "Mini-Fruvous" since he was a smaller version of one of the other cats...

2) we haven't seen Cupcake, Hermione's new kitten (born only eight weeks ago). She was on the porch on Sunday night when we got home from the movie theatre. However, she was nowhere to be seen on Monday morning. None of the other cats are acting as if there is anything odd going on (Hermione isn't crying or acting worried about the baby, nor is Oreo, her older sister (Hermione's daughter from last year) who has been helping with the baby).

I'm hoping that she's still alive. I can't imagine that someone would just come up to our porch and take her, but that very well might be the case. I also wonder if one of the other cats may have hurt her (and we just haven't found the body yet). The third possibility is that she may have been brought back into the woods by some of the other cats in the tribe to teach her to hunt (we've seen cats who aren't the parents of previous litters functioning as mentors...).
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