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I'm up earlier than I would care...

...I had an interesting dream, though. Cyndi (my boss at FYE), Pablo (also called "Macho", a co-worker at FYE) and I were taking a walk from the DeMarco Cinemas, where we met, to Landis Park. It was the Fourth of July and we'd just heard that there would be a free concert there. I don't know why, but the concert was going to be Carole King (?).
Paul, R.J. and I went to see "A Mighty Wind" at the Ritz, yesterday. For a review, go to: moo_vies.
Last night, R.J., his brother Kyle, Frank and I sat down and watched the last FOUR episodes of "Queer as Folk"...then, we all caravaned out to DeMarco Cinemas just as Paul was getting done at work and we went to Denny's...I pigged out yesterday...
I went to Wa-Wa just before the QaF marathon and got a hot dog and a hoagie (my last of the coupons from the sub sale we did last year at CP)...I thought that I would see bettedavis, but she wasn't in. I also had a smothered cheese fries at Denny's...I tasted Frank's order of nachos (they've recently added them back to the menu)...not bad...
Today, Paul, R.J. and I are going to be heading to A1 Cards and Comics in Glassboro and Temdee's to leave more of the flyers/postcards of the double feature... then, I head into work at the movie theatre from 6pm on...
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