Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera


After a long, draggy day at work, I couldn't wait to head out to "Bounce". When I got there, I was greeted by Geno. I quickly ordered one of those scrumptious chocolate martinis...Kristin is a dear and makes these things wonderfully!

Soon after I arrived and chatted with Geno's friends Matt and Amy, who should walk in but the new host for the drag queen show (at least on the last Saturdays of the month, starting this month, and the first Thursdays of the month, starting next month, but Brittany Lynn (Ian), one of the Transducer Players! Ian gave me his business cards to pass onto Kim/Dawn and onto Marni!
The show was great and varied. Brittany hosted, opened with a great medley of both classic television theme songs and also classic commercial jingles (I sent him a copy of THIS jingle via e-mail and think he'll be able to incorporate into his show in the future. If you are not from the greater Philadelphia area, you've probably never heard this, but it's a classic local jingle for a women's fashion store (it was played pretty much with no changes throughout the late sixties and early seventies...usually on late-night television).

There were seven drag queens in total (sorry, guys, no gals as drag kings this time!). "Ginger Alley" won the night and will be in the finals for May (and will be hosting one night in June).
Tags: gay/drag_shows, gay_bar/bounce_nightclub

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