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On Wednesday, Paul and I got up early and were joined by Jarvis and R.J. After a slight snag, we started our morning at the United Artists in Manayunk for an industry screening of "Soul Plane". While it was obviously influenced by the Zucker films, most especially "Airplane", and while this movie was funny, it wasn't nearly as rapid-fire with the jokes as "Airplane" is...there ARE some clever sight-gags sprinkled throughout (many do not have anyone on screen commenting on them) so stay alert to the surroundings on screen! Basically, it's an ethnic variation on the original, with an all-black cast (this time there's a single white family on the plane instead of the white filled plane with a pair of black men). I'd say it's probably a rental. $4.00 out of $8.00...unless you especially enjoy the kind of humor found in the typical UPN sitcom, then it would probably be a $7.50 out of $8.00...

After stopping at the Deptford Mall for lunch (I had Chick Fil-A and the others had stuff from the "Bourbon Street" (which for some reason is Chinese food instead of anything representing Creole or Cajun)), when we got home, I headed over to Hammonton to spend time with my mother.

We had a nice visit, just chatted.

While I was there, she had turned on the television for background noise. During the Oprah show, there was a promo for the local news about a New Jersey town fighting Wal-Mart coming to their town. I'd said that pabsungenis was hoping to rally people to fight the Wal-mart coming to Vineland. Sure enough, when the news came on, it WAS about Vineland. There was going to be a city planning board meeting that night and Wal-Mart was expected to show up.

I quickly called Paul (who was at the movie theatre) and it was decided that I would go in and work for him so that he could be at the meeting. I left my mother's house, went home, quickly showered/changed, grabbed a book and headed to the theatre.

While there, I worked with Sarah. She's a nice girl, but BOY, can SHE talk (and people say that I'M talkative (speaking of which, the same can be said for our latest co-worker at FYE: Tina B.)). She's never worked the upstairs portion of the theatre before. Paul gave her a crash course and everything went very smoothly actually.

When Paul came back to finish the night, he said that Wal-Mart was eleventh on the planning board agenda and by ten pm they'd only gotten to number four (they would end the meeting promptly at eleven o'clock). Paul is rallying people together (local business owners, union members, concerned citizens, etc.) together to hold a strategy meeting at the movie theatre on Saturday the 22nd to fight them coming into our town.
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