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I'm currently sitting at the movie theatre...

I'm in the office typing this. The next movie won't start until 9:30pm and it's 8:20 or so now.

Meanwhile, a guy came to see the 7:30pm showing of Daredevil, which didn't run since no one arrived for 8pm...too late to run it and get it done for the 9:30pm showing...he's decided to stay in the lobby (I've got the door and can see him from where I'm typing this).

Last night, I got to hang out with some of my friends from the Transducers. We all went to Pat Quinn's house (since he doesn't drive...being in a wheelchair and all that). It was me, Shawn (who brought some interesting drinks...more on that in a moment), Messa (who we hadn't seen since her nose job) and Candie and Martin.

Shawn brought the new Smirnoff Ice Triple Black. It was okay, I would certainly drink it if regular Smirnoff Ice were unavailable, but I don't think I would go out of my way for it. Where regular Smirnoff Ice is more like an alcoholic 7Up, this tasted more like the final (fruity, non-cola) version of Crystal Pepsi (after they retooled it). Actually, it sort of tasted like Juicy Fruit gum...

Messa looked great. If I didn't know she had a nose job, I don't know if I would have known. I probably would have just thought she looked great 'cause she's matured over the last couple of years (also her hair was a little longer than usual...and a nice-length it was).

It was also good to get the chance to hang out with Candie and Martin...we sometimes only really get to see them on X-Mas and NYE so this was a nice change. We are all hoping to get together a little more often.
I've got a long day tomorrow: I'm going to be at FYE from 9:30am til 5pm, then going straight to the movie theatre again at I don't think I'll have too much time to update tomorrow.
Tuesday, though, should be fun. I get to go to the movies! Whoo-hoo! I can't wait...
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