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re: summer theatre and me...

I just received an IM asking if I would be auditioning for "Cumberland Players"'production of "Cabaret"...uhm, nope.

When the show was done at "Off Broad Street Players", I was asked if I was auditioning. I really didn't want to audition for one MAJOR reason: financial. In 2002, in the spring, I was in a production with them called "Whose Wife Is It Anyway"...I enjoyed myself, but it was a lot of driving (about a half hour in the car one way) to the rehearsals and gas prices at the time were too high (they still are and are still a reason for me not to try out at's just too expensive to act there and still be able to afford lunch breaks at work, comic books, and other debts). When THEY asked me if I would audition for Cumberland Players instead, I'd said that I would only audition if one of two people ended up being the director of the show there: Richard Curcio or Paul Sungenis (my Paul).

Richard has decided instead to audition for (and probably will get the role of) Herbie in Gypsy at OBSP (which he played eleven years ago). Paul was one of only two candidates for the role of director. Paul and the other person were interviewed by the executive board (minus Richard who was in Europe on vacation at the time...and if I were more of a conspiracy theorist, I'd say that some on the executive board orchestrated the interviews to take place while Richard was away to lean them towards the other candidate). Paul wasn't even notified officially that he wasn't hired. He wasn't told until two weeks later (this past weekend) by the vice president of production when they were at a separate function together....not very professional.
I know to never say never...I'm not going to say that "I'm never going to work with so-and-so again", but that's kind of how I'm currently feeling. At the very least, there would have to be a major change-up in the powers that be at that organization before I'd be happy going back.

(I also can't imagine having to ask off of work for rehearsals, tech week, performances, etc. this summer...for Shakespeare it would be worth it, I guess, but not for a musical that EVERY BODY AND HIS BROTHER is doing (OBSP JUST did it, and Haddonfield Plays and Players are ALSO doing Cabaret this summer) or have ALREADY done (Oh, Glaucoma)...besides, I'd rather go to Wizard World Chicago this year (Jarvis is going to be joining Paul and I this time).
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