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Yesterday...and Tuesday night...

During the day on Tuesday, I had some minor excitement...Heather was talking to me and said "keep an eye on the guy in the rap section, he just walked in with a big bag" I approached him to ask "how can I help you?" (and look into the bag), he quickly picked up the bag and RAN outside. I chased him out of the store (the alarm, of course, went off), and he quickly hopped into a getaway car parked outside at the curb...but I got his license plate number! We reported it to the police and the security at the mall...we think he stole about 15-20 copies of 50 Cent's cd. I'm going to be going to the flea market tomorrow to see if I spot the car, the guy or the merchandise.

Tuesday night was board game night at Kris and Becky's...this time it was Trivial Pursuit. Paul didn't join me, 'cause he was under the weather. Becky made stuffed shells, which we ate while watching "American Idol"...yum and yuck respectively. We played the 20 year edition (wherein all the questions are only from the twenty years since the game first came out...). I won, though it looked like Becky would, since she took an early lead...

Terri came over briefly to drop a "grommet" kit off for Becky...she looks great, is enjoying her new job (playing Lily Langtry in King of Prussia and elsewhere (on Tuesday it was at the Borgata ).

Wednesday, I got up, spent some time with Cupcake (Hermione's kitten), who has gotten fairly big in just a short time...Hermione moved her out into the garage in back (under Alby's stock car) just before the storms we had last week and they've stayed in there ever since. Hermione didn't mind that I held the baby and pet her. After I put the baby down, I held Hermione and she purred up a storm for me.

I ran some laundry, sorted through my comics this week (the first chance I really had), finally read the "Prisoner of Fire" story arc in "X-Treme X-Men" (I waited until I had all six's so much better to read a complete story than to try to get through it in month to month installments sometimes) and watched this week's "Queer Eye"...the guy was a cute little bear cub, but a little too golf-obsessed. I can't believe they bought all his clothes at the golf store!

Then at about four o'clock, I was joined by R.J. and Kyle to head up to the Ritz in Voorhees to see a movie. (for newcomers: R.J. and Kyle are the sons of my best friend, Terri, and are my friends in their own right. They both work at the movie theatre, R.J. being our film booker as well).

First, we went to Fuddrucker's and had ourselves some burgers and fries (okay, R.J. had his requisite cheesesteak instead). After eating, it was off to the Echelon Mall...sad times walking in there. I just can't believe it's the same place. It's about a third empty and more stores are disappearing every time I walk in there it seems.

R.J. picked up a trade paperback of "Kingdom Come" at the comic shop, Kyle got a second controller for his PS2 and I got a used copy of "American Splendor" on DVD ($9.99).

We then hit "Tunes" quickly since we had about a half-hour still before the movie was going to start. Tunes is a used CD/DVD store. I went looking through the vinyl records in hopes of finding something "special" like these. Instead, I found THIS! I've had the Reagan one for years (the First Family Rides Again), but never had the chance to listen to the Kennedy one. How fabulous. You know that some of this will be featured on Paul's show when election time nears! And it was only a buck! Whoo-hoo!

Then, it was off to the movies to see Kill Bill, Vol 2. Wow! No spoilers...fucking awesome. Funny, great performances from Uma, Darryl (who is fucking gorgeous in this movie), David Carradine and others, beautiful cinematography with both black and white and color sequences.
Afterwards, I bid the boys farewell and I hopped onto 295 South and headed over to Bounce, for karaoke and fun. I'm loving this place. First, Nancy, the K.J., surprised me with a disc that I'd asked about. AH8013! I now can sing "Don't Dream It's Over", "Tender Years" (from "Eddie and the Cruisers") and my fave karaoke hit "867-5309" (which may change from Jenny to Geno at some point, just to see if people are paying attention).

I hung out with Geno and his friend Tommy for a while, chatted with Kelly and Joey (they are both just hysterical), and had some of Sean's birthday cake with Sean, Martin, Paul (not MY Paul), Barb, Stephon, Jason and Nicole. Barb brought the cake. At one point, Paul smooshed some cake into Sean's face and it was would also come back to haunt him. Sean soon retailiated by smearing frosting on Paul's face. Later, Barb tricked Paul by giving him a hug and then smearing more on him (after he'd already washed off the first round)...meanwhile, Sean "pantsed" Paul and got cake in Paul's asscrack (!!!), then Paul and Sean both got poor Barb...who was picking cake out of her cleavage for the rest of the evening...

...I'm going back to Bounce tonight after work to see their drag queen/king show (they gave me a comp (there's a cover charge otherwise), how can I resist?)....
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