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Last Tuesday's dinner for the month...

This past Tuesday (actually a week ago, not two days ago)...we went out for our usual dinner with the gang. This time, our destination was Chickie's and Pete's FAMOUS FOR THEIR CRAB FRIES. I wasn't sure at first what crab fries were...I thought they were going to be fried/battered strips of crab meat (like clam strips), but they turned out to be french fries with crab/bay seasoning on them...not as bad as Herr's Bay Seasoned Potato Chips...yuck (though I LOVE the plain old big red bag of Herr's rippled chips and wouldn't have anything else for dipping (their sturdier and tastier than Lay's Ruffles)), but not something I'd go out of my way to order either.

It was a beautiful place inside (we went to the 15th and Packer location...HUGE inside, gorgeous bar (two of them actually on either side of the big room), big sinks in strategic locations for everyone to be able to clean their hands after messy food (all they serve apparently).

I had an order of jalapeno poppers, Paul had some buffalo chicken strips, he got a steak sandwich, I got the hot roast beef, there were orders of shrimp, a white pizza, an order of mussels, and a couple of magooby sandwiches: pickles, onions, crab fries, cheese and shrimp all on one sandwich! It was a big haul, but none of it was necessarily out of the ordinary, fairly standard for what it was supposed to be and some of it substandard (my sandwich was passible, but WAY TOO messy for me to say I liked it...).

For being a crab house (and I don't like crabs), I'd probably give it a five out of five if you were ordering crabs...the orders of crabs legs looked humongous! For anyone else, like myself, it would get a two our of five...I go back for drinks, 'cause I liked the beautiful bar area, but I wouldn't stay for the food...and they had no deserts.

After dinner, Paul, Kim, Dawn and I actually headed back to Cherry Hill Mall to have our favorite deserts at Bahama Breeze. (the banana supreme, the chocolate tres leche cake, the key lime pie and the tropical tower respectively).
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