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After starting my slumber being sent to bed with a severe headache (one of my "yamalke" headaches that feels like I'm wearing a yamalke that is drilling through my skull), I finaly go to sleep only to be awakened by the feeling that my arms are slwly being curled back behind my body...and I find that I'm covered from shoulder to finger tip with the hives...they are also forming behind my thighs (inside my knee sockets), in my arm pits, up my spine and more...JOY! Of course, even if I wanted to take my meds for it (which aren't really meds for the hives, but for the itching), I'm currently out and haven't had the chance to make a doctor's appointment since the one I missed the day after Paul got rushed to the hospital...
Tags: health/allergies_and_colds, health/yamalke_headache

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