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Long overdue update...Philadelphia Film Festival...first weekend.

I haven't updated (really) since before the Festival, so here goes:

On Friday the 9th, it was beautiful outside. I got to the city a little early for the movie (You Can't Stop the Murders, so I ended up walking around the area for a little while. I stopped into a local deli market and got myself a sandwich, some chips and a soda and ate in the little "park" next to the Ritz East. There are trees that were blossoming (don't know what kind) and they were gorgeous to sit under and feel the warm breeze while I ate.

After eating, I hopped in line, pulled out my phone and began to play "backgammon" to pass the next half hour before we would be seated. The movie was sold out, but they had a waiting list for people who didn't have tickets and wanted them (I assume they just count all the all-access passes as if they were arriving and if they don't within a certain time, they let people have those seats).

The movie wasn't bad, but not great either. It was funny (but I really didn't think it was as funny as the rest of the audience did...I'm not really a person who laughs out loud at such things), even cute at times, but it was one of the two weaker movies I saw this year.

The following night, I was at the Prince Theatre for "the Toolbox Murders (this is a new remake coming out in the fall). It was directed by Tobe Hooper (who directed, among other things, the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"). Before the movie, we had a short retrospective of his films (clips of some of the best of each) and there was a "Q and A" after the movie. It was a good, old-fashioned (late 70s/early 80s) type of horror slasher film. I jumped at least three times.

The place was PACKED (another sellout crowd and the line was wrapped around the block when I'd arrived). I ended up getting a seat WAY up in the back next to the light board (I ended up sitting in the exact same seat for the other four movies I saw...). I recommend the movie to people who like a good old-fashioned scare. There's not much blood and gore (though there is some) and there's some suspense. Just don't think about the plot too much when you get home...

Last Sunday, Paul and I drove in separate cars to go to "Super Size Me" (I'd spotted a parking lot that would be cheaper than some with a flat rate for the day the night before). We actually ended up getting off even cheaper, since they didn't have an attendant for the day (since it was Easter).

This is a movie that EVERYONE should see. It's amazing, funny, sad and EYE-OPENING! EVERY parent in the United States should be required to see it (and they should all then go immediately to their child's school to find out what's being served at their lunch program). Fucking brilliant!

After the movie, Paul headed home and I went in search of something to eat (I had three hours to kill before the next movie I was going to see...I'd forgotten that it would be Easter Sunday and that many stores would be closed (except for Tower Records and Borders Books, bless their capitalistic hearts!). I walked around checking out various places, trying to decide.

I finally decided that I would take a chance on Jones being open (they are on 7th and Chestnut) and walked down to there...thankfully, yes, they were (the walk left me famished!). I got an appetizer of potato pancakes (served with sour cream and applesauce) and got a cheeseburger with fries (and a side order of peas). Yummy. Didn't have room for desert though...

Walked back and still had time to kill, so I stopped into the Borders and found a copy of A Family Affair, which I'd seen a couple of years ago at the Gay/Lesbian film festival and loved, so I grabbed it (it was cheaper than Amazon's price, actually...only $19.99). I also stopped into Tower and saw that they'd JUMPED STREET DATE ON "Kill Bill"!!! I was livid (they could and should be fined and possibly stop getting shipments of product early). I did pick up some candy there, since I've only seen one of the two varieties of Overload around here and they had the other one (with three peanut butter with Nestle Smarties (like M&Ms), one with an oreo like cookie and one with a chocolate chip cookie on top)....

I then went into the Prince, grabbed my 3-D glasses and saw: The Park. It was disappointing. The 3-D effects weren't very good, the acting was poor, the story was silly. Nothing was scary, really. By the end the audience was laughing throughout. On top of it, the whole movie isn't 3-D, so you had to keep putting on and taking off your glasses at various times throughout the movie (an icon would come on the screen and blink...very annoying).
Later today (or tonight), I'll post about our culinary adventure for the month and the rest of the movies I saw this weekend...
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