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War in Iraq

I guess I'll have to always remember where I was when I first learned there was a war...well, on Monday, when I first heard about Bush giving an ultimatum, I was at the DeMarco Cinemas, sitting and bullshitting with Terri when Paul called to see what was up with us. He told us what the "President" had to say in his speech.

Then, last night, while I was preparing to clean the place before heading out, I'd gone upstairs to turn on the lights in house one when I heard the radio in the projection booth (for some reason lately, we can't hear it in the lobby...only in the booth and the auditoriums) and the reporter said that explosions had been confirmed in Baghdad.

Then, on the way home, I heard that there were already various missiles used to attack Baghdad.

I know that I feel a little nauseous about this. This is not a just war!
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