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Karaoke at Bounce...

Let's see, before I went out, I ended up pretty much just chilling out in front of the television. I never went out to grab grub at Wa-Wa OR Wendy's. Instead, I turned on the TiVo and saw that there were a bunch of "Will & Grace" reruns...

I sat down to watch and veg-out and the next thing I knew, I'd finished an apple, most of a box of Triscuits with spray-can cheese, some cheese-its and probably the equivalent of about two and a half to three bowls worth of Frosted Flakes (straight from the milk) and two cans of soda. Those Frosted Flakes absorbed the liquour fairly well when I got to the bar.

I drove out to Bounce and when I got there, it was a little bit dead and there weren't really any of the regulars there (though they all quickly followed).

Geno came in soon after I got there. He looked great and said he felt much better after last week (apparently it was both the flu AND strept throat (thank GOD I haven't had that since the late 80's, but I used to have it at least once every other year)). He left early (around midnight), 'cause he still wasn't entirely 100% and I ended up hanging out with Jason, Stephon, Nicole (Jason's sister), Barb (Jason and Nicole's mom) and a bunch of others back at the pool tables. Barb is a trip!

I sang: "She's Got You" by Patsy Cline, "Beauty School Dropout" by Frankie Avalon (from "Grease"), "You Can Sleep While I Drive" by Melissa Etheridge and "Chances Are" by Johnny Mathis (and told Nancy, the host, that she had to get disc AH8013 which contains my favorite version of "867-5309" which I've been Jones-ing to do)

drinks: a peach martini (Krista is trying a bunch of different martinis 'cause their doing martini specials on Thursdays), a Smirnoff Ice and just bottled water...I behaved myself.
ATTN: crispycommando! What happened last night? When I was driving home, at about 3am or so there were about four cop cars and an ambulance at the Wa-Wa (with their lights flashing!)! Is everyone okay? Was it a customer? An employee? A robbery?
Today, it's SO gloomy outside...I don't want to go outside except to check on the kitten (I've named her Cupcake, but will likely end up nicknaming her Babycakes...).
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