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I was lazy today...

I got up about 10am, read online, watched some television (I'm definitely taking off the "Season Pass" of "Game Over" from the hasn't gotten any better, the animation is sub-par, the jokes aren't very funny and the characters are all dull (I didn't want to use the pun and say one-dimensional, since they are computer generated).

I did a little laundry and we did go out to an appointment with our financial planner...

...I've just gotten showered, I'm about to get dressed and hit the Wa-Wa for some grub. Later tonight, I'm heading out to karaoke...hopefully, Geno will be feeling better since he had the flu last week.

Tomorrow, Alby will be coming over and finally resuming work on our kitchen (I may be helping if he needs me to...hell, it's MY kitchen afterall).
Tags: housecrap/kitchen_renovations, music/karaoke, shopping/wa-wa, television/tivo
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