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Dream Comic Books? DVDs?

theferrett recently mentioned two of the DVDs on his shelf in heaven: "My Fair Lady" starring Julie Andrews as Eliza and "Galaxy Quest 2"...

...While discussing upcoming movies with my friends tonight, I brought up that I'd heard that Frank Darabont was working on a script for an adaptation of Stephen King's "The Mist"...then I kind of thought to myself and told everyone that I may have dreamed that announcement instead (and it just stuck in my head).

It reminded me of a couple of comic books that I'd dreamed about that have never come to fruition. I remember some of these as being things that have been brought up on newsgroups or in rumour mill columns in magazines like Wizard or even as pranks in the same mags (ex. the Paul Dini/Alex Ross Wonder Twins book announcement).

However, I've actually had the pleasure of holding some of these books in my hand. If only in my dreams. The one I most remember is: the Neil Gaiman penned, John Byrne illustrated DC (Vertigo)/Marvel crossover book called "Death and the Maiden" in which a booklength "My Dinner With Andre" styled conversation is held over tea at the Plaza Hotel between Gaiman's Death of the Endless and Jean Grey/Phoenix.

I also remember walking into comic shops in dreams and finding a new ongoing series of "Storm" illustrated by Barry Windsor Smith and written by the aforementioned Mr. Gaiman, a previously unknown newly published Stan Lee/Jack Kirby "Fantastic Four" story arc, a Batman/Catwoman wedding issue, and an issue of Superman (an anniversary of some kind) that starts a new arc: the cover is an homage of the issue where Lois first found out Clark's secret identity (on that cover, it's a close up of her face and we see that she is holding his glasses and the speech balloon says "You're WHO?"), but of course, this issue would have Superman/Clark on the cover, holding a blue EPT test stick in his hand and his speech balloon would say "You're WHAT?").

What comics that don't exist have YOU held in YOUR hands (if only in your dreams?)/
What movies are on your dream DVD shelf?
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