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Film Festival...

I did the math and with R.J. going with me to three movies, it actually works out cheaper to see one more movie and buy a ten pack of the tickets (which wouldn't include the one matinee). Instead of 9 tickets at $9.00 totalling $81.00 plus $7.00 for the matineee (Super Size Me) equaling $88.00, a ten pack of tickets would be $80.00 plus the $7.00 making $87.00. This way, I would also only ask R.J. for $24 instead of $27 (so he shares in the savings).

So, I'm going to be also seeing: Bright Young Things on Saturday, April 17 (before "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls").
Oh! and starting on Monday, I'll be trained in my new duties as "Team Leader" at FYE, which means more responsibilities (I'll be able to do exchanges, count drawers, etc.) and more money (yay!). Whoo-Hoo!
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