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Thanks to lucindalunacy for posting the link to the Philly Film Festival!

The link is right here!

I've already picked out :

Friday, April 9 - You Can't Stop the Murders - Ritz East - 9:45pm

Saturday, April 11 - The Toolbox MurdersPrince Music Theater - 10:15pm

Sunday, April 12th - Super Size Me Prince Music Theater - 2:30pm,

The ParkPrince Music Theater - 7:30pm,


Texas Chainsaw MassacreRitz East - 9:45pm

Friday, April 16 (yes, I KNOW I'M MISSING THIRD FRIDAY AGAIN, but this movie is later in the evening and I might still make an appearance down in Millville) - Everyday PeoplePrince Music Theater - 10pm

Saturday, April 17 - Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - Prince Music Theater - 10:15pm

I'll be getting my tickets (and R.J.'s, since he's joining me for Toolbox Murders, The Park and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) on Wednesday...hopefully, I'll see some of you out at the movies!

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