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stayed home most of the day...

Yesterday was a mostly lazy day. We still have most of our kitchen in our living room, since we've yet to have the new floor/walls put in.

I watched Elvira, Mistress of the Dark on DVD and it still holds up as a hysterical movie. I'm also pretty happy that the "teaser" trailer is on the disc, since we used to always show it before RHPS at the movie theatre (both of them...the Harwan and the DeMarco).

I continued to check outside on Hermione and her babies. By last night, it looked like only the active one was going to survive. The two quiet ones were maybe a bit TOO quiet last night. I'm sure we're going to be clearing them out of the box by this evening, since they likely haven't survived this night. (sometimes, nature just has to be allowed to take its course...Hermione cared for three last time and even took in her four sisters (nursing seven at a time) when her mother was nowhere to be found for a day last year (they'd both had litters at the same time), so I know she wouldn't have turned her babies away without good reason.

I went to karaoke last night, after a brief stop into the Deptford Mall to hit the candy store...I picked up some Jelly Belly beans (getting any flavors we didn't already get at the King of Prussia Mall...I may still have to hit another store or two to find "cantaloupe" (if they even still make that one)). and gummy cola bottles.

I stayed sober last night. I only drank water. I'm still sick for the most part (stuffy nose/coughing) so didn't want to add inebriated to that list of symptoms. Geno wasn't there last night, so I ended up hanging out with Jimmy, one of the other singers (who is straight).

Tonight, I go in to the record store and close (6pm to 10pm or so). We're also doing inventory that could be 10pm to who knows in the am (I'm thinking about 2 am or so). Tomorrow night, I also close (since they wouldn't want to have me open after being in the store so late...I'll also be opening on Saturday morning (since I'm going to want to be at the movie theatre that night...we've got a rock show then).
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