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Third Friday...

After picking up my Aunt Bette, who was staying at the Country Inn at Wheaton Village, we headed over to the Fresco Tortilla (which is over at the Wal-Mart/Pathmark plaza). I had a chicken taco and a steak taco and we split a chicken quesadilla (Bette had already eaten earlier)...

We then headed into Millville to check out the various shops/galleries for Third Friday.

We started in "La Bottega". I hadn't yet been in this particular gallery myself and I will definitely want to return. The owner was very nice and the art was beautiful. Also, some of it was fairly reasonably priced, so I can imagine she's not going to have a tough time selling.

We then stopped into "...In Progress" studio. It's owned by my friend, Rita Lyman. She wasn't quite open yet, but I knew this would be the only time we would be down to the end of that street, most likely, since we would be heading to the show, so I just escorted Bette into the kitchen to see the mural...which is glorious now that it's completed.

A couple blocks down, we crossed the street and headed into "High Street Design", where I bumped into the couple who are currently in charge of the renovations of the Levoy. I told them that we are showing "Bowling For Columbine" at the movie theatre and they said they would be coming to see it this weekend...!

We then crossed back and headed into "Wind Chimes Book Exchange". I picked up another old Star Trek novel, another novel by Tamar Myers (from her other series...eventually I can read that series when I fill in all the blanks) and a copy of _Once Is Not Enough_ by Jacqueline Susann (I love _Valley of the Dolls_ and decided to give another of her books a chance). While there, Melody, who works behind the counter, gave me her e-mail address so I can keep in touch with her.

We then headed down Pine Street to Dream Creations - unfortunately, it was VERY crowded in there. People were just randomly standing in place, so it was ridiculous in there. We also checked out the Royal Golden Retriever Gift Shop (Bears and Candles - I'll definitely want to return some time to take my time to smell each of the candles before deciding...).

We crossed back onto High and ventured into the Fath building (first admiring the paintings in the window) and down into the Tawes Gallery. There are some new works there that I very much enjoyed. I would love to buy this little table that is there. My friend, Jackie Hair, did it...I hadn't even realized until last night that it was her piece. It's only $75, so I'm thinking of saving up a little bit for it and buying it soon...

We then headed into the Rusty Heart. I hadn't been in there yet, since it was very crowded the last couple of months when I've been down on High Street. They've got lots of cute little knick-knacks and quirky gifts and will probably become one of my favorite little shops.

We headed over to the Clay College and checked out the new art in the main gallery and headed into the teaching facility and watched some of the students creating their craft(s).

We then got to take a peek into the (soon to be) Winfield's Restaurant. It looks LOVELY in there...! It's going to be a fancy Italian restaurant. I'm thinking of making it my next "hat" pick (of course, we won't be starting a new hat until about...November or so...perhaps, I'll have to invite the group down for a future Third Friday for dinner instead...?).

We then headed into the RRCA and it was nice to see that most of the exhibits had changed (sometimes, they get a little stagnant). There was a lovely photo exhibit on the wall in the main hall and some beautiful paintings in the main area. I also enjoyed getting to see the student art upstairs.

On our way back to the HCRT, we stopped into Edible Art (which was really HOPPING)...I didn't get anything last night, but I will definitely be shopping there in the future...the pastries and stuff looked FABULOUS!

We then headed back toward the theatre and went to Amethyst for a little bit before heading upstairs. Amethyst is the green and purple store front next door to Wind Chimes. They had a man playing guitar here and were serving Curry Chicken in addition to the usual cookie/cheese/fruit platters.

We went upstairs to the HCRT and settled in for the show (we were joined by Frank and Harry...Frank may be joining us for "A Mighty Wind" on Tuesday at the Ritz, then we can pick up Harry and caravan down to do a marathon of "QaF" that night).

The show was great. Very moving. I'm very glad that I refrained from reading the script, since I really did get to be surprised and moved by the proceedings. The usual suspects were excellent as always: Denise, Matt, Ryan, etc. I was especially moved by Andrea Williams' performance as Josh's childhood friend, Emily. Dave as Josh was a revelation. He was very realistic and his facial expressions were very good. You could feel what he was going through. The flashback sequence involving Josh's first hunting trip was especially touching.

On the way back to the car, I bumped into Claire Riley and told her to hurry to catch the 9pm show. I hope she made it on time!

We got back to the car and we stopped back to the house, so I could give Bette the first season of "24" on video tape (I'm a junkie for taping many of my favorite shows). I saw Pal outside, so I made sure to put some food out for my poor little pregnant kittie. We then headed over to the Golden Palace Diner and I had a cup of chicken noodle soup and an order of cheese fries and Bette had a cinnamon bun. I saw both dollxfacexkilla (who must pay rent there) and dcurlz there. I brought Bette back to the hotel soon after.

I headed back to Rita's studio (...In Progress) and R.J., Kyle and Bob were now there. Paul soon followed. For a little while, we all played with the refrigerator poetry magnet kit, while Ted (who was in charge of the Tawes for the night) finished the last of the mural in the kitchen (some of the roses).

Then I hung out in the living room while the intelligentsia chatted on. I grabbed a "Peanuts" coloring book and started flipping through it. Rita encouraged me to color in it and handed me a BIG box of crayolas. I sat, listened, occasionally joining in the conversation, while coloring.

We were joined soonafter by Sandie Torres and headed over to the Millville Queen. I noticed the "Michael-Nelson-looking-mother-fucker" there (Nick Heyduke). It was: R.J., Kyle, Bob, Paul, Rita, Sandie, Jack (an older gentleman) and myself. I had a BIG piece of lemon merengue pie!

We headed home and I quickly went off to bed...
Again, if you haven't had the chance to do Third Friday, I highly recommend it!
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