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Road Trip Completed and a Quiz Thingee...

When we got up in Bedford, we didn't have very far to go since we were already in Pennsylvania.

In about two and a half hours, we arrived at the King of Prussia Mall. I didn't actually buy anything but a pair of magazines and a manga paperback (Instinct, Heeb Magazine and Love Hina, volume two. We saw a few things that we may go back for soon, though.

I did see a place to eat that might be a future "hat pick" (the Bamboo Club).

We ate at TGI Fridays and got home at about 6:30 or so that night (Sunday). When we walked in, we found most of our kitchen in our living room. Paul's mother, Linda, and stepfather, Alby, are redecorating our kitchen and had only just begun. All the dry goods were piled up all over the room for us to go through and sort (and throw out anything expired). Yesterday, while I was at work, Paul went with his mother to the "Homo Depot" to pick out the new floor-tiles, countertops, etc. (we already had the new cabinets picked out). Alby is steadily working on our electrical and plumbing in the room and hopefully we'll have it completed by sometime next week.

You are CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. She is a rad
chick with absolutely no fashion sense. If you
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