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Road Trip (Don't Tom Green here!)


After a slow start on Thursday (we didn't get onto the road until 2pm), we headed to Indiana for miskosmind's wedding on Friday night. The trip was made slower by a traffic back-up on the Schuylkill Expressway that cost us nearly an hour before we could get onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike. (Thank God for the Sirius Radio for keeping us company throughout the whole trip with all kinds of music, OutQ (the gay talk channel), the comedy channel, the old-time radio channel (we heard "Duffy's Tavern", "Broadway is My Beat" and other shows...), and NPR ("Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" and "This American Life").

We stopped on the highway about 6-ish for dinner (Roy Rogers) and I took over the driving at that point (starting with going through two tunnels soon after...we did five total on the trip...I'm not afraid of them or anything, just mentioning for statistics sake).

While I did the driving that night, we finished Pennsylvania, drove very briefly through West Virginia, and got into Ohio. For most of the time I was driving it was raining and for some of that time it was snowing. We finally decided that it was time to stop around 10:30 or so and ended up at a Comfort Inn in Zanesville, OH. I took a bath that night and soaking felt so good (we only have a working shower stall in the house).
On Friday morning, we got up, had the continental breakfast at the hotel, and headed back out on the road.

Paul drove the early shift of the driving and we had lunch when we arrived in Kentucky (right after driving through Cincinnati). While still in Ohio, we took an exit off of the highway. I hadn't seen the sign that Paul had seen. It was a pleasant surprise to find a Tim Horton's! We later stopped at a Big Boy's ("Frisch's" as opposed to the more familiar "Bob's)" for lunch while we were in Kentucky..

When we neared the Indiana border, I took over the driving. We got to the hotel (an Econo Lodge) in Evansville at about 3pm, which was really 2pm 'cause of the time-change (I never really changed my watch, I just adjusted in my mind that if Mike was getting married at 6:30 it would actually be 7:30 on my watch). Paul napped for a little bit and I took another bath for my back's sake.

I was a little disappointed that the room didn't have a jacuzzi. The Econo Lodge that we tend to go to on Route 40 has a jacuzzi in every room as a standard thing. Who knew that the ones in Jersey would be the flagships of the line?

We went out to the Target briefly, 'cause while we'd gotten Mike and Candy their gift we'd not gotten a chance to wrap it so we needed wrapping paper, scissors and tape. (the scissors and tape have now been added to catch-all that is my overnight bag...along with all meds, hotel soaps, etc).

We went back to the hotel, got changed, wrapped the present (Paul did that, I'm not a neat present wrapper), and read for a little while until it would be time to head out to find the church.

Luckily, we gave ourselves plenty of time, 'cause we'd forgotten to pack the Mapquest directions and had briefly found the street on the map from the yellow pages in the hotel. Little did we know that this little teeny street on the map was only a PART of a much longer street, but one that continued a few blocks away...and ended again...and continued again...etc. We did eventually find the church with time to spare.

I spotted Michael as soon as I was getting out of the car. For a few minutes, it looked like we were the only ones there for him besides the bride's family. Finally, just as we were about to head into the church to get a seat, we saw his mother, Georgia, and step-dad, Don, entering the church.

Since there were so few people, we weren't sat on a particular side and we all spread out. It was primarily Mike's parents, Candy's family and extended family (nieces/nephews), and various friends of the two of them.

The ceremony was short but sweet. Thank GOD! I've been to some weddings that seem to take hours. Who needs that? Candy was gorgeous and her kids are adorable.

After the ceremony, they handed out directions to the reception, which had been changed to a new location. Of course, someone (alright Candy), wrote them wrong so that one of the turns listed a left turn when it should have been a right turn. It took us a little time to figure out which step was the problem and got to the reception not too much after everyone else.

At the reception, I was finally introduced to Jodi and Susan, Mike's long time friends out there in the Midwest. Susan had been Mike's roommate for quite a bit of the time he lived there and I'd talked to her many times on the phone, but it's nice to finally be able to attach a face to the voice/name.

It was nice to see that time hadn't robbed us of who we were together and that a conversation could be picked up between Mike and I as if we'd only seen each other the day before (just like it had been the week before with Michaela, another good friend from college, while she had been visiting).

While driving home from the reception (luckily near the Target where we got the tape/scissors/wrapping paper so we could find the hotel easily), I spotted a Sonic Drive-In. I'd been driving past them all day and hadn't noticed the sign/logo. I'd thought they were just a big gas station at first glance. It wasn't until the neon was lit up that I finally read the sign.

When we got up in the morning, we skipped the continental breakfast and headed over to the Sonic, since I've been dying to try their food since seeing them on TV Food Network on "Unwrapped" and stuff. Not bad.

I took the first driving shift on Saturday morning. It started with outrunning another storm on the horizon behind us (and eventually driving smack dab into more storms). At about 3:00, we stopped at the Jeffersonville, Ohio Prime Outlets. I picked up a pair of black pants and two gorgeous sweaters at Haggar. (only $9.99 each!)

Paul took over the driving then and we managed to get as far as the Pennsylvania border. We stopped at another rest stop and ate at another Big Boy's (this time a Bob's). We then found a hotel in Bedford, Pa. (a Hampton Inn). I was initially uncomfortable in the bed (it was a very stiff mattress), but I was also in pain...I put on some "mineral ice" on my shoulder where most of the pain was and that seemed to help, I was so exhausted that I passed out.
speaking of which, I'm quite tired right now (it's 2am), so I'll finish the rest of the trip (the journey home) in the morning/afternoon, okay? I'll also be posting a shot or two of the happy couple in the next day or two (as soon as I get a chance to put the photos from the disc into the computer...since I have to use Paul's computer to get them on the network (I don't have a floppy drive).

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