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Queer Eye Tip of My Own

I just thought of a great "tip".

Tonight, I was cleaning out the fridge, tossing out the things that are beyond their "use by" dates. Of course, some of those things have been in there a little too long. Some things expire next month (salad dressing and mayonnaise).

For those things that are still good, but have dates on them, I have started to add "pop up" reminders for them in my computer (I use a program called Chameleon Clock which allows you to create many different alarms (you merely mouse over the clock in the corner, a calendar pops up and you can choose to set a new alarm)).

So, for instance, I merely type in "toss out that mayonnaise and get a new jar!" and set it to pop up on the morning of April 21, 2004 and I'm all set!
Tags: shopping/grocery_shopping, television/queer_eye

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