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Well, I didn't get home until 12:25am last night (having worked at the movie'd think that people who want to see movies would have stayed home to watch the Oscars, but no).

Luckily, we Tivo'd it. I sat down at about 12:35, checked to see if they had finished by then (last year at this time, they were still going), saw that they were, stopped the current TiVo recording (I give it an extra three hours, 'cause you just never know), and sat down to start.

Luckily, it was Billy Crystal hosting this year, so I fast-forwarded right through that lame, we've seen it all before, movie montage (stopping briefly to hear what Michael Moore said and rolling my eyes at it) then again RIGHT THROUGH THAT DAMN SONG MEDLEY. I only stopped to hear what award was being given, who the nominations were and who the winner was. I watched the montage of Katherine Hepburn clips and the montage of the people who died (I think it's so rude when people clap for the big stars and not for the lesser known ones and I was shocked that there weren't more claps for Donald O'Connor and Ann Miller). I watched Annie Lennox and Mitch and Mickey. (Alison Kraus and that annoying song from Belleville got fast-forwarded over).

I fast forwarded through most of the acceptance speeches too. I only really cared to listen to Sean Penn's and Charlize Theron's.

There were no surprises. No upsets. I was done at 2am. I beat my two hour record of last year by a half-hour! Thanks, TiVo!
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