Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Work crap, I've recently been put in charge of the rebate(s) displays at work (they generally go up every Monday night after closing, since the new products come out on Tuesday. However, there are always multiple rebates running at any time. We currently have two pads with various and sundry CDs (including the ENTIRE top 20 display), two weeks worth of the DVDs (though that's still only about five titles), and various others (CD-Rs, CD storage cases and such).

Well, there was a big pad filled with music CD rebates that were done on Wednesday (the end of a "period plan" wherein sales generally run for about two-four weeks...some things will just stay on sale in the consecutive period. Some will change.). In actuality, only TWO things were going off of the rebate, since the rest were on the pad that started on Monday night (they were doubled on the new pad).

Since I didn't work on Wednesday, I left instructions in the communications book that the two CDs (Clay Aiken and the soundtrack to Barbershop 2) would have to come off of rebate at closing time on Wednesday night. I also directly told the manager who would be there that night (Heather).

When I got back to work on Thursday (at 3pm...we'd been open for five hours at that time), the signage for those two CDs was still up. It was the first thing I checked when I walked in. I immediately took them down.
The next day, when I opened with Heather, I was assigned to register one and I was straightening up my register area, including checking that I had all the appropriate pads of rebate slips to hand out and noticed that there was another rebate that actually ended Thursday night (this is fine, since the gates weren't up yet, so no customer would be seeing it). I went and grabbed the signage off of the product (to be fair to myself, I had not put this particular sign up as it was part of the period planner, not part of the regular rebates).

Heather was the opening manager and she asked what I was doing when she saw me dash out onto the sales floor. I told her that I just saw that this rebate should have been pulled. She rolled her eyes and said "Paul (who was the manager on Thursday) should have noticed that. He's not attentive to this job. Blah Blah Blah"

I cut her off and told her that "uh, you know, YOU did the same thing the OTHER night! And I'd written you a note about it and told you to your face exactly what needed to be done!"

"Well, it's going to be one of those days, huh? You're going to be in a foul mood again? Great!"

"What? I'm in a foul mood 'cause I'm pointing out that you did the same thing wrong that you were complaining about the other manager also doing wrong?"

"Well, you're assuming that I didn't assign anyone to take care of those rebates"

She goes and writes in the communication book: "Patterson, see me about the rebates on Wednesday night" reprimand him for not taking them down. That's going to be interesting to hear how that turns out considering that PATTERSON DIDN'T WORK ON WEDNESDAY WITH HER!


Thankfully, she's on vacation this week...


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