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Big day yesterday...

First of all, before going into discussion on the Wednesday happenings...

...on Tuesday night, we spent the evening with Kris and Becky playing canasta. Kris made us some cheese burgers (with hot pepper cheese. YUM!) and onion rings. We played the card game. I was running in third place until the last hand when I won the final hand by going out "concealed". Tee-Hee!


I got up at 9:30am. I read a little online (have to read LJ and my favorite comic strips when I get up). Got showered, dressed, had some orange juice and headed out to the Inspection Station.

If you'll remember back in November, I got a ticket for not having my car inspected. I finally took care of that. I stopped off at the Wa-Wa first for some gas and to put some air in my front driver's side tire (which has a slooooow leak).

When I got to the inspection station, I was directly behind and directly in front of two old ladies who were apparently on crack or something. First the lady in front of me gets out of line and tries to get out of line. Then the other lady, behind me, suddenly starts up her car and cuts in FRONT of me (even though I'm obviously at the corner and CAN'T proceed without blocking the street (she was quickly asked to move back to the end of the line...thank you!).).

The car passed with flying colors.
My next destination: Camden, NJ. I went to get a new EZ Pass thingee for my car (the old one had gone kaput). From Camden, the fifth most dangerous city in the U.S. and the most dangerous with a population of 75,000 to 99,999, I headed to the Echelon Mall for lunch. For those of you who don't know the area, you might be interested to know that this oddball shopping mall has a ministry!

I grabbed some Chick Fil-A since I'd bought the calendar recently and wanted to use this month's coupon (free chicken was very hearty but it was kept so hot that I never thought it would cool down) and bought a chicken sandwich and fries with that as well (of course, got the lemonade, 'cause it's so good there).

Then, it was off to The Ritz for the first of two times today...

First up: The Dreamers. Ugh. I give it a $0.99 out of a possible $8.00.

While shot beautifully, it doesn't really go anywhere. While there is copious nudity, none of it really is there for anything but titillation. On top of it, the characters, while externally attractive are all internally repulsive. These are not people I'd want to spend an evening with (naked or not). The movie also does not have a satisfying ending, instead merely stopping.
From there, it was off to "Tunes" with a coupon in hand from the Ritz filmbill (magazine). I got Josh Kelley - For the Ride Home - Deluxe Edition with Bonus Disc for only 8.99, got a copy of Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrisette for only 2.99 (I've had this only on a cassette for years) and picked up "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on DVD for only 7.99! (that's half our used price for it at FYE).

From there, I went into the Wireless store there to pick up a great deal that Paul had gotten on a new phone (I'd had my old starter phone clunker for about three years now and I really wanted one I'd be able to personalize with tones and all that stuff).

This was where we'd gotten our original phones, so I thought they would still have the same deal that Paul had nabbed on Saturday. They did not. They wanted $179.99 for just the phone and a headset. At the Verizon Wireless store at Deptford Mall. I picked up the phone

(a Motorola T730)

along with an accessories bundle:

    Bundle includes:
  • Jabra Earwave headset
  • Form-fitted Leather Case
  • Vehicle Power Charger

I got all of that for $159.99. On top of it, there is a $40.00 rebate! In the end, this will only cost $119.99!
After playing with my phone in the mall parking lot, I headed back to the Ritz. Before I went in, I'd downloaded and installed two different ring tones: Big Bottom - Spinal Tap and Rent - Theme from Rent.

I next went in to see: The Girl With a Pearl Earring, which was based on the novel by Tracy Chevalier, which in turn was based on this painting:

This movie was beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes for less of the controversial sex for the sake of sex and violence for the sake of violence movies. This is the story of Griet, who works as a maid for Johannes Vermeer. In the course of the movie, we see Vermeer creating various works. We also learn the secret behind the creation of the painting of the girl with the pearl earring. Scarlett Johansson has many scenes where she must convey quite a bit with only a glance, remaining mute. Her eyes are strong tools. I would give this movie an $8.00 out of a possible $8.00.
After the movies, I went back out to Bounce for more karaoke. I spent the evening with Geno, Frank, Dustin, Chris and new friends: Jason, Samantha, Stephan, Kevin. Those two key lime martinis did me in quickly (having not had anything else to eat since the Chick Fil-A earlier in the day but a bag of popcorn during "The Dreamers").

During the driving, I finished the fourth disc of the Fourth Tower of Inverness (from ZBS Foundation


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