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How can someone be MORE than 100% compatible?

theferrett 106%
brokendolli 102%
kitsune_rei 102%
debidestruction 102%
wackdaddy 102%
stargazercrys 98%
lahabiel 98%
vidicon 98%
lucindalunacy 95%
joeydi 95%
bronxelf_ag001 95%
poetryslam 91%
porno_poet 91%
rollick 91%
vidicon 91%
cherry_hot 90%
celtcub 89%
comatt1 88%
jheaton 87%
romaine 87%
cuplix 85%
dawnmarie727 84%
gamera_spinning 84%
jenifoto 80%
keith_london 80%
bobbyq78 76%
gcnyc 76%
lnknprkgrl 76%
matmutchmr 74%
tpeacock 72%
cerulgalactus 72%
maeincarnate 72%
tr8ingty 72%
truthisdoing 72%
thunderrstorm 69%
kevinduran 65%
worldmage 65%
pomobarney 61%
gothikcub 58%
captaincorey 56%
postvixen 55%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Tags: internet/livejournal/lj_match, memes

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