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Taken from Thunderrstorm, Theferrett and Celtcub

I took the Attraction Test.

Here's the Guy They picked for me:

(But, I think I prefer him like THIS: )

Your Type

Looking at over 10,000 men in your age group who have taken the test, about 36% are attracted to the same types you are

Your physical "type" refers to men you find appealing and whom you expect would find you attractive as well. In the test, you picked a relatively large number of men as attractive.

The choices you made in the test suggest you have strong, automatic preferences for certain types of men. You made your choices quickly suggesting you have clear physical instincts. A variety of features stood out as important to you. This report explores these features in detail. To start, look at the list of features below that were most common among the men you liked. These "turn ons" were noted in different combinations across many of your choices.

Your Favorite Features:

Your photo choices suggest a man over 50 is probably getting a little old for your tastes
You seemed interested in dating a man at least 30 or older

Handsome men
Sharp, narrow chins
So-called "Ecto-Mesomorphs," with narrow chins and nicely angular faces
Thick lips
Green eyes
Dark brown hair
Wavy hair
Straight hair
Medium-length hair
Well-trimmed beards or goatees
Hairy chests
Even some back hair is okay
"Surfer Dudes" <------Huh? The ONLY thing on this list that's wrong
"Professors," or the smart look
The "Outdoorsmen" look
The athletic "Defensive Lineman" look

They then gave me the following pictures:

Okay, not bad.

Uhm, he's probably nice, but I'm not sure.

Maybe...nice eyes.

Nice smile. (He was also "The most mainstream attractive man I picked as my Type")

The basic look, yes. This guy, though has something really odd going on behind those eyes.

Nothing wrong with a big black man. As long as he's got a hairy chest, I'm all there!

Nice older bear.

Okay, if he's hairy, I'm all there. Though this particular guy might be just a little too skinny for me.

...this is the ONLY, Absolutely NO. And not even the bald thing. I love bald guys (I'm one myself). This particular guy is just TOO vanilla looking for me.

Now, THAT'S hot!
Unique Traits

This report highlights your "unique" tastes, or what makes some men personally attractive to you but not to everyone else.

Interestingly, a lot of the features you liked are not especially popular. They're not what usually defines "mainstream" attractiveness for men. But who cares what the mainstream thinks?! Below is a list of some of the unique features you found appealing in men. According to the selections you made in the test, this man has unique features you like:

(This man was "The lowest end of mainstream attractive that was still my Type")

Unique Features You Like:

Sometimes, you like men over 5 years older than you
Very attractive Hispanic or Latino men
Thin, angular faces with a classic or refined look
Unique, larger sized noses
Glasses and the sophisticated and smart look that goes with them
Bald or shaved heads on a sexy guy
You like someone with extra pounds; more to love!
Even some back hair is okay (and maybe even sexy) to you

Not Your Type

Men who are "Not Your Type" are not seen as appealing and would typically not be considered candidates for dates or relationships (unless they had other extraordinary qualities). In the test, you picked more men as appealing than you picked as unappealing.

Although you quickly knew who was not appealing to you, there were only a few common features that set them apart. See this short list below. Obviously, you just know what does and does not work for you physically.

According to the selections you made in the test, this man is Not Your Type:

(but I think this guy is kind of cute).

Features You Usually Don't Like:

Men over age 50
Men under age 30
Low "mainstream" appeal
Above average looks, but lacking your favorite features
Men of Black/African descent

This guy is certainly a HELL NO! I have to agree. That nose is atrocious.

What Is Your Approach to Judging Which Men Are Handsome or Very Attractive?

Picky: Okay, you qualify as "picky," or maybe you just have a clearer idea than most men about what you like in men. It's almost instinctual for you. In a crowded room, you can quickly spot the most handsome guy. Even if you only catch him out of the corner of your eye, you know which men have "the right stuff." You probably struggle with balancing your natural instincts, which draw you to good looking guys, with your desire to find smart, mature, and well-rounded men. But you're also a realist. You know how important a physical "spark" is in a relationship and can't settle for less. Still, in the test, you seemed to recognize the difference between "eye candy," men who are just nice to look at, and more approachable cute guys.

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