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on directing, CP/HCRT, and other bullshit, I'm sure...

Tonight was the last night of "Heart, Soul and Holmes"...

Overall, it was a great learning experience for me and it had a marvelous ending. We had a wonderful packed audience tonight, with some friends (fellow actors Myra and Greg, Emma Andrews (Michelle's mother) and my friends Frank and Harry) and quite a few of them had only come from word of mouth. Yes!

I'm so glad we taped tonight's performance. I was afraid it wasn't going to be saved. I'm especially glad it was this night. This audience was so great, they inspired ALL the casts to greatness... (hey, I even said ALL my lines tonight...for some reason, there was one that I kept dropping.).

I got a lot of praise for "On Tidy Endings". I'd like to say that a great deal of the praise belongs to my actors. Matt O'Neill, Avra Myers, Tom McCarty and Michelle Andrews-Romanishin all worked quite hard for me to make it the show that it was. All of them came in with ideas of things to add to their characterizations (whether costumes, props, gestures, etc.). It was definitely a team project.
Brett said that he's likely going to be accused of stealing more talent away from CP (Cumberland Players). I told him that you can't be accused of stealing something that has already been thrown away...
We went out afterwards and grabbed a drink at Bo-Jo' verdict (it was my first time in there): it's nice in there. There's some nice open space, it certainly more roomy than the Oarhouse, there was some live entertainment (a band) and they were pretty good. I don't know if I would go out of my way to head to this bar every night or anything, but I wouldn't turn down someone who suggested heading there for a drink or two...
Paul and I may be going to upstate NY to his alma mater (St. Bonaventure University) in a couple of weeks. This could be pretty exciting, since it would be to see a play directed by his director there (the director is retiring from the college). We would also be able to see Ronnie Motta (Paul's old comedy partner)...yay! I'll finally get to meet Ronnie (in the flesh, anyway, we've chatted online and on the phone for years...).
I plan to sleep the sleep of the damned tonight...I'm hoping not to open my eyes again before noon...
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