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a quick rant before I write a post about our dinner...

Honestly, is there anyone here ACTUALLY looking forward to the new Norah Jones album that came out today? We sold it like crazy today (well, that and the new rapper du jour: Kanye West).

I liked the song "Don't Know Why". Truly I did. I loved it the first time I heard it (which was at least two or three months before it really started playing on the radio (she showed up on my Amazon recommendations and I gave that song a listen on their website, but there was only a thirty second clip). I soon downloaded the song and quickly learned it.

I bought the album eagerly anticipating great music (this is about two years ago now in April of 2002)....and I didn't really care for the rest of the album. I found it kind of boring and repetitive, actually.

Then, everyone ELSE discovered that one song. You couldn't escape that song. It was EVERYWHERE. When I started the job at the record store, it was still a fixture on the in-store play and would remain until the summer. Well, she also won the Grammy last year thanks in part to the success of her album sales based solely on that one song. If I never hear that song again, I'll be happy.

Frankly, if I never hear her NAME again, I'd be happy. I don't plan on buying this next album. Some reviews I've read say that it's pretty much more of the same. Yawn. I'm sure it'll still be a big hit, thanks to the Clear Channel stations around the country playing it incessantly until the listeners are numb (thank GOD we have a Sirius radio in the car (and I'll soon have one at my computer). I'd so rather listen to artists who don't get the airplay they deserve elsewhere.
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