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nothing great happened or anything (I know I've been quiet of late)...

...just a lot of working in retail hell.

Of course, it's been interesting at work 'cause of the changes we've gone through in personnel. Cyndi left to be replaced by Chuck. Chuck is bumping heads with various people (most especially Heather). They've been going at it pretty much whenever they are both on shift. She's fine when he's not there and vice versa (for the most part)...I really just wish he had more product knowledge, but hopefully that will eventually come to him (he doesn't even know to LOOK AT THE TOP 20 ENDCAPS (DVD and CD) EVERY WEEK).

We had lots of snow. Paul and I stayed in all day Wednesday and did laundry (okay, he did most of the laundry and I folded here and there...fine, is that better?). He also went out briefly and got T.C. a new Litter Maid litter box (her old one had died), and cleaning products for the laundry room. During that day, we did a marathon viewing of the seventh season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (I'm only two episodes away froim the ten episode Season Finale (we plan to do those ten episodes in one BIG marathon in about two weeks).
We never made it to dinner on Tuesday night with our dinner friends. We'd driven out and got stuck on North 55 for about an hour in bumper to bumper traffic (apparently, an eighteen-wheeler jackknifed and closed off both lanes). By the time we'd gotten to a point where we could cross the median, turn around and get to 47 we were SO late. We tried to get to Deptford and when we got Deptford we were so hungry. We heard there were more hold-ups on the bridges into Philly and knew we just weren't meant to go. We stopped in Deptford to eat and by the time we were heading home, it was really nasty. We had points where we weren't going over 25 miles an hour on route 55 south (where the limit is 65) took us over an hour to get home. We were exhausted that night!

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