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Paul got home today...

Picked up Paul as soon as I was awake enough to drive in the snow...we stopped off at Sino Wok on the way home so I could grab some grub (fried wontons, wonton soup (for tomorrow's lunch), an egg roll and a lunch combination with chicken and cashews and pork fried rice). From there, we stopped off at the CVS across the street and dropped off his prescriptions at the drive-thru (aw the wonders of modern conveniences).

While I ate, we watched the Dweezil and Lisa Show(a really fun quirky new food show).

After I ate, we went upstairs for a little while (so he could catch up on all of his e-mail) and we watched the new episode of "Ab Fab" and the first episode of The Brini Maxwell Show (which I TiVo'd on the recommendation of kevinduran). It's a hysterical show. I LOVE her catch-phrase: "Why didn't YOU think of that?"

Work said.
Now, tonight, Paul and I are finally going to get the chance to watch The L Word and maybe some SNL before retiring to bed...
Tags: health/paul's_diverticulitis, television/tivo, televison/generic

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