Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

update on Paul

He's still in the hospital and may be out by Saturday morning.

He's been given antibiotics via IV. Basically, he's developed a pocket or pallup on his intestine which has gotten inflamed. It may be due to diet (though stress may be a factor). It turns into an infection.

Now that the antibiotics are combating the infection, he's experiencing less spasms of pain (or at least there is more time between spasms). He will be given a different diet so as not to exasorbate the problem further (no nuts, seeds is part of it). In the meanwhile, temporarily, he will also have to avoid raw fruit and vegetables (for at least six weeks) and will have to go in for a colonoscopy in about six to eight weeks to check that there are no more problems.

He's got his laptop in the room, so he can watch DVDs and has been writing some of his play as well. Today, they bumped him up from clear liquids to colored liquids (jellos, juice, pudding, "creamed" soup, etc.). Tomorrow, hopefully, he'll be back on solid foods.
Tags: health/paul's_diverticulitis

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