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Tuesday and Wednesday...

On Tuesday night, Paul and I went over to Kris and Becky's house for canasta. Becky made a tri-colored pasta in a vodka sauce (and not enough of the vodka cooked away, making Paul just a little tipsy). When we arrived, their friend, Reehan, was there with her two children. The one kid was relatively well-behaved and the other was a holy terror. Thankfully, they left soon after we arrived.

Unfortunately, the brat child had wound up Maia, Kris and Becky's daughter, and she had trouble falling asleep (not helped by the fact that she is also still teething). Paul went in and read to her and that finally helped her to settle down and go to sleep.

(Becky, Kris and I each had a shot of rum after the kids left)

On Wednesday, Paul had gotten up and wasn't feeling good. He'd exacerbated his hernia during the night and was in pain.

Meanwhile, we had gotten the mounting-brackets he's ordered for our new TiVo (for the new hard drives) in the mail, so he sent me out to Staples to pick up two new hard drives. I got two Maxtor 120 gigs (that's the largest the TiVo Series 2 software can handle). Through the day, he installed the software onto the drives and put them into the TiVo. Now the downstairs TiVo can hold roughly 230 some hours on it!

I'd planned to go out that day, before Paul woke up in pain, and he wouldn't hear of me changing my plans to stay home, so I headed out to Philadelphia.

My first stop: Geno's Steaks. I was hoping to see my friend, Geno, but he wasn't there. I wasn't going to miss my opportunity to have a cheesesteak, though (Geno's has GREAT steaks). I got one with "Whiz" and onions...yuumm!

From there, I headed up to South Street and parked at the Whole Foods Market. I walked down to Atomic City Comics. I picked up the last four issues of "Negation" from Crossgen (I'd dropped the book, but there may not be a trade paperback from the point where I dropped it (the reason that I dropped it)).

I also shopped in the Book Trader (didn't get anything though) and a couple of the thrift stores (again, didn't get anything), then went back to the Whole Foods (where I'd parked upstairs). I picked up some Stretch Island Fruit Leather, made myself a burrito at the salad bar (with turkey chili, cheese and basmati rice) and grabbed a cup of sliced melon/fruit and ate in the little cafe there.

I then headed back into Jersey to the Deptford Mall. I quickly shopped in the B.Dalton's (which is going out of business) and picked up:

Kodocha, volume 1 and Fake, volume 1 (both mangas), Five Decades of the X-Men (a novella collection with five stories each in the style of the various decades of the comic), Star Trek: New Frontiers: Gods Above and Star Trek (Original Series): Gateways...ALL for 50% off!

From there, I headed to The Ritz in Voorhees and saw Monster. Charlize Theron was absolutely INCREDIBLE. The movie does get brutal in some spots (well, it IS about a serial killer after of the most brutal scenes is when Ailleen gets raped by one of her johns (the only one who really deserved to die)).
Exiting the movie at about 9:30pm, I headed over to Bounce in Westville, NJ (after stopping briefly at a Wa-Wa to get a new tin of Altoids (I'd run out during the day)).

Last week, when I was there, they were closed and I was afraid it may have been permanent (after all the crap that went down there at the end of Fat Jack's it wouldn't have surprised me). Apparently, they had lost electricity when one of their transformers blew. This was only a temporary thing, thankfully, since I think I really like this place (it reminds me of Fat Jack's in that it's one of those places where everyone knows your name...we're all equals, etc. It's not filled with fake people like Studio Six in AC).

I got to hang out with Geno and his friend Thomas. I also met their friend Vaughn, who seemed very nice as well. They have a new bartended there now (a girl, I didn't get her name) who is great! She made Vaughn something called a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (Pineapple Juice, Grenadine and Vanilla Stoli)...I took a sip and it was yummy. I told her she'll have to do a "Malibu Barbie" next week! (Malibu Rum, Bacardi Rum, orange and pineapple juices, a hint of cream (one creamer will do) and grenadine for color). I also sang karaoke (they have a new KJ as well...more personality from this woman, Nancy, and she had a HUGE book, too!). I opened with "Take a Letter, Maria", then did "Faith" (George Michael) and ended with "Seasons of Love" (Geno LOVES "Rent"...he's seen it fifteen or so times, so he requested it). By that point it was about 12:30am and the snow was falling outside (the streets were covered with a light dusting. We decided to call it a night (but not before Geno and I FINALLY exchanged e-mails, so we can keep in touch).

When I got home, I told Paul quickly about my day, fed the cat and went to bed...
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