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For jobs, you need something that allows you express your life and yourself, like artist, musician, or actor. You could also be a counselorbecause you can relate to other kids with issues.

You want someone who is like you, youre not into the whole opposites attract deal. You want someone who is very musical and artistic, but also funny. Your dream men are Bender from the Breakfast Club, Ferris Beuler, and David Bowie from Labyrinth. Your dream girls are Faith from Buffy, Jen from Dawson's Creek, and Carrie.

You most likely are a Sagitarrius, Gemini, or Cancer. You most likely have a goth, punk, or emo edge to you. You are street smart and tough. You mostly enjoy shows that are really super goofy and crude like Jackass and Punkd. You like horror stuff. Music is extremely super important to you. Your best friends would be other Rebels, Creators, or Dreamers. Your love interests would be the same. You would not like Social Butterflies, Stars, or Kings.

The Super Ultimate Personality Quiz
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