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I had a quiet night tonight...I worked until 5pm and rushed home.

It's so horribly cold outside. I put some food out for the stray kitties and Paul said that it snowed today down in Mays Landing where he'd gone to get his oil changed (at the Saturn dealership). I worried that I wouldn't be able to get more for them, so after I got the chance to rest up a bit, we headed out to the BJ's.

We got kitty food, ice cream (a big box with an assortment of ice cream sandwiches, cones and the ice cream bars with the magic shell on a stick) (I don't understand it, but I tend to eat more ice cream in the winter than in the summer these the summer it's all about Rita's Water Ice), soda for him (Coke) (which means new cardboard boxes for T.C. to play in and maybe some new boxes to put outside for the outside kitties to sleep in on the porch), various and sundry snack food (the BJ's brand Chex mix included).

We got home and we started watching more DS9. We got the 7th season on DVD recently (he's seen it in bits and pieces, I never watched it). It is still my favorite of the Trek series. This is the best cast of them all, actor-wise and character-wise. A few years ago, when this season aired, I just wasn't ready to deal with the fact that they'd killed off Jadzia. I've since found out that Terry Farrell was a bitch on that set and you can see the fact that these actors are so much more at ease with her gone (and with a new Dax on the ship). We are already 7 episodes into the show now. I can't wait to finish them so I can get caught up on the novels that have come out in the last year or so that Paul has been reading (they are sort of the "eighth" season, from what he's been telling me).

We folded some laundry and I now have three uniforms ready for Friday, too.
Tomorrow, assuming we don't see any of that snow here, I'll be heading to Voorhees for two movies at the Ritz and want to go to the gay bar for Karaoke. I'll let y'all know.
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