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Arrgh...gossip that I must get off my chest...

I've just got to shout this one from the rooftops 'cause it's such juicy gossip. However, I realize that this could be potentially could be slanderous/libelous (I always get those two confused), I'm going to try to write this one as a blind item.

Okay, back during the summer, a certain friend of mine (friend #1) told me that he/she once had (gay/lesbian) sex with someone else who I'd recently become acquainted with (acquaintance #1)...while the two of them were still quite young (early teens). In fact, friend #1 was surprised to hear the other person's name even brought up (his/her former flame so to speak).

When asked about this past they shared in a very roundabout way, acquaintance #1, not knowing what question was actually being asked answered no, which made a number of us feel that the sex between these two happened only in my friend's mind (let's just say that he/she tends to exaggerate things sometimes).

Meanwhile, another friend (friend #2) admitted to me that he/she had also had a gay/lesbian encounter with this a#1 (who again, in a roundabout way denied it), though I tend to believe f#2 (he/she didn't go all out with elaborate details of their tryst with the acquaintance).

This a#1 said something about a second acquaintance (a#2) over the summer that put into question the second acquaintance's sexual preference. In fact, acquaintance #1 told me that acquaintance #2 "came out" to him/her over an AOL chat. Some of us suspected that a#2 may be gay, but he/she is still at a very young stage in his/her life and may still only be questioning (even if the answer eventually IS gay).

I recently was online when acquaintance a#1 popped on and IM'd me out of the blue. I happened to see acquaintance a#2 later that evening and mentioned it. a#2 told me that he/she never wanted to hear a#1's name mentioned as he/she was quite upset about some things that a#1 once said to him/her in an AOL chat. I recalled what was told to me in the past and assumed that he/she must have been called an epithet along the lines of either "fag"/"dyke" by a#1. I didn't voice my assumption to a#2, because I didn't want to offend them myself with this thought.

a#2 told me that over the summer a#1 had actually propositioned him/her for sex, which made them quite uncomfortable being around a#1 (they were in a particular social circle/extracurricular activity and still had to be around them). Apparently, a#1 actually came out to a#2 according to a#2's version of the story.

#2 says that they will be sending me a copy of the AOL chat log (or they will be bringing a printed copy for me to read).

This is something that really distresses me because it puts into question whether the original friend truly DID have sex with a#1 (even though he was accused of lying)...but merely exaggerated the incident a bit (which is still lying, mind you, but not as BIG a lie). Also, it makes me truly wonder about a#1 since a#2 is underage. I've witnessed a#1 being physically affectionate with others who were underage (gay/straight/male/female) and didn't think of it before as anything but pure, but now feel really dirty about what I witnessed...

It's also bad to me that a#1 has also spread a rumour about another pair of people from the same social circle/extracurricular activity (which also involves an older person and an underage person in a gay tryst) and has also "outed" a third acquaintance to me (though a#3 is adamant about being straight and I tend to believe #3).

...this is the kind of shit that gets us beaten up, tied to fences and left for dead...not cool...
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