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I didn't really drop any friends...

Well, I just cleaned out the people who haven't posted in forever or haven't even friended me back. I cleaned out a lot of the communities that I don't really post to or read on my friends page...
Last night was fun. I cooked some appetizers to bring to the party...puff pastries with portabello mushroom/red bell pepper stuffing (adapting a recipe that originally called for peppers and chorizo sausage since some people at the party were vegetarian).

Shawn's house was booming and we all got silly throughout the evening (as we tend to). Soon after midnight, we noticed that there were packages of Tasty-kake cupcakes on the table. I suggested we go "whipping cupcakes" (as seen in an episode of the "Simpsons")...we ended up going outside, giggling so hard that we got stopped by a neighbor who was wondering what we were doing (especially after she saw a cupcake stuck to the stop sign on the corner!).

After midnight, Shawn fired up the karaoke machine that he'd recently added to his bar. He was trying to get someone to sing other than Dawn (who pretty much sounds like a banshee (she knows it, too, and that's, I guess, part of the fun of her singing) and I noticed on the screen while he was flipping through the disc(s) that he had "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" and said "oh, I do that one"...he handed me the mike and you should have seen the looks on everyone's faces when I started to sing. They all knew that I used to host a karaoke show, but none of them had heard me sing before. I think I have a bunch of new fans now!

I had a bunch to drink, too...just enough to make me tipsy...four girlie beers: Two Bacardi 03s, One Smirnoff Ice, One Smirnoff Black. I also had a shot of SoCo and a "Sex With an Alligator" (Midori and Razzmatazz).
Today at work wasn't TOO bad. Hopefully, it will settle down next week and we'll actually get some work done around the store (bin maintenance/alphabetization has fallen by the wayside in the past five/six weeks).

Tonight, I just watched some television ("Teen Titans") and a DVD ("Phantom of the Paradise"). I'm about to finish dubbing off the last two episodes of the Titans onto the tape (and just in time, too: the second season starts next week!).
I've picked out a bunch of books that have been on my pile for a while now and hopefully, I'll get some reading time in soon (I have started the first half of a play: "Closer" by Patrick Marber. It's very much like Neil LaBute's stuff so far. Edgy, the characters are kind of curt and to the point, I don't really know what's going to happen in the second half (of course, that's a good thing!).).
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