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the Holidays are FINALLY (mostly) over!

I know it's been a while since I've written anything of substance. That's because when I get home at night I'm pretty much exhausted from working at the mall.

It's been hectic at the mall, watching all the people filing in really sapped a LOT of my holiday spirit this year (I didn't even pull out the menorah and light the candles this year...I just didn't have the strength). I've worked all my adult life, but never in the mall during the holidays.

I've done fast food, video rental, karaoke and the movie theatre and none of them have the same effect on them that the record store did with the holidays. People were crawling out of the woodwork. Watching people put themselves into debt to fill mile long lists (some for just one kid) really bothered me. It stressed me and worried me for the state of the union. What kind of effect is this going to have on the materialism of the next generation? thing that I've been thinking about: this year it was the "Video Now", a few years ago it was the Furby, there was the Tickle-Me Elmo and of course, the big one was probably the first year of the Cabbage Patch Kids in regular stores. Were there big toys like that in years before? I don't remember there being anything like that in my lifetime before the Cabbage Patch dolls. The toy that there is very little supply of (now possibly done on purpose) and very high demand for. The toy that causes riots and stuff to happen over it at the mall...does anyone remember anything else pre 1985 or so?

This past Tuesday night (the 23rd), Paul and I got to spend time with some of our friends who happen to be the employees of the movie theatre. We closed the theatre early and we all went over to Kris and Becky's house (Kris is an employee, Becky is his fiance, Maia is their daughter...she's one and a third).

At the party was Jarvis, R.J., Kyle and Bob. We had dinner together. Jarvis made a plaintain dish, Bob made raviolis, Becky made a ham, and for dessert, Becky and R.J. made a tiramisu. After dinner, a few of us sat down to a round or three of poker (too bad it was only for chips, 'cause for a while there I was winning BIG).

Soon, Evelyn/Kristy and her boyfriend Brian arrived and we all played "Apples to Apples".

On X-Mas Eve, we spent the evening with the Transducers (my former cast from RHPS). We always do the big two (X-Mas and NYE) together. This time was different. Candie and Marty, who work at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ, managed to get the studio theatre for our party that night. We had a dance floor, professional lighting and sound, fake snow on the dance floor (soap), "bring a gift/get a gift"...Paul got a funny book with bad hairdos, I got a hysterical dashboard Jesus...I love these people SO much.

Last night, I was messing around with TiVoWeb (Paul had installed a network card into the TiVo and we can get info from it through the web browsers on our computer). I didn't know that I couldn't open multiple browser tabs within Mozilla and ended up overloading the system on the machine. It crashed.

Fortunately, Paul has managed to fix it and he hooked it up upstairs so I can watch the "Now Playing" while typing this (I'm watching the "Call For Help-a-thon" from TechTV, which was on Friday all day). Meanwhile, we went to Circuit City in Deptford and got a TiVo Series 2 (for DirecTV, like the Series 1), and that's now downstairs. Soon, we'll have the BOTH hooked up (the one upstairs will only be for dubbing off the shows that are stored on it for the short term until we can run some cablewire upstairs to it). Afterwards, we'll be able to watch TiVo'd shows on either TV (different selections...the one downstairs will be designated for the shows we watch with each other or with friends...: Friends, Will and Grace, South Park, Six Feet Under, etc./the one upstairs will be designated for the shows we watch apart: my TechTV shows, Real World/Road Rules, his CNN news/politics stuff, etc.).

While out getting the TiVo, we decided to finally try "Pizzaria Uno"...I was less than impressed. Not great appetizers on the sampler (though I quite enjoyed the mozzarella sticks, the other things were just passable). The pizza wasn't great (I thought the veggies on the supreme were good, but liked neither the sausage nor the sauce).

Tonight, I got to see "Brother Bear" now that it's at the DeMarco. Pixie/Taryn and Brian came down to join me (we also saw "Finding Nemo" together and have to make this a regular thing for Disney cartoons).

Pixie and Brian got me THIS cool shirt! I'm so happy! I've been wanting something cool from T-Shirt Hell.

After the movie (which I'll write about later...I enjoyed it, I just want to let it sink in a bit), we were joined by Marni and HER Bob (the postman) and we all piled over to Denny's. Fun times with friends.

This Wednesday, I'm off, so I'm hoping to get more off of the TiVo, and do some cooking to bring with us to Shawn's house for his annual party...

Talk to you all later!

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