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I haven't written in a while...

...beyond posting links.

I know that.

That's primarily 'cause I've been so WIPED when I get home.

First and foremost, we've had a bunch of changes at the store (I'm sure that cuplix will be okay with my posting this, so I'm not blocking him from reading it.

It started about two/three weeks ago when our boss, Cyndi, dropped a bomb on us all. She was getting transferred to another store. Of course, I was one of the first recipients of the news (since she was going to be telling people over the weekend and I wasn't going to be working that particular weekend). I couldn't post about it and risk Patterson finding out from me.

Over the course of the weekend, Cyndi told everyone to varying degrees of reactions, including tears from some. Sadly, Cyndi missed telling Johnny and he had to hear it over the phone from Cyndi (after being left a message to call her after she left early Monday).

We've since been deluged with temporary managers from other stores, our district manager (Randy) taking care of customers and even a district manager from another district coming in to fill in for us.

In the meanwhile, during all of this, we have been hit with the holiday traffic. Of course, we never had holiday help hired. Apparently, the applications were at Cyndi's house or something. Paul, our manager (who is the "M.I.T." (Manager In Training) (in essence, he's being groomed for a managerial position at ANOTHER store), has been scouring the applications we're currently getting in (we've gotten lots of applications but not many are promising). Right now, we really need the warm bodies.

Along with this, we've had a new manager arrive. His name is Chuck. Chuck has supposedly worked at Cumberland Mall in the past (at Champs). He has been a store manager at various stores for years. However, he's NEVER worked at an ENTERTAINMENT oriented store. He doesn't really have the product knowledge (movies/musics/etc.). Okay, I understand that he's older and even *I* had to ask questions about say, rap artists and r&b artists, but this guy didn't know where we'd file "Barenaked Ladies". He asked what section "Piglet's Big Movie" would be found in (gee, Children's maybe? You think?)

Along with this is the fact that, unbeknownst to him, he is setting off the "gay-dar" of EVERYONE at the store. This isn't helped by the fact that there is another new employee, Steve (nice guy) who carpools in with him every day (and they go on break together). Steve also sets off some of the 'dars in the store (and this is from the straight people!).

Of course, I've been pulled into this intrigue with the rest of the staff. I've tried to explain to them that I don't really want to say one way or the other, 'cause frankly either way it wouldn't be good for me if I said he/they is/are gay. If Chuck IS gay, than I've outed my boss, if he's straight, then I think that would be probably even worse, don't you? We can't exactly walk up to them and say "there's been some conjecture flying around the store and we've all been wondering, so, ARE you "butt buddies" or what?"

Chuck isn't gelling well with the rest of us. He's been cutting people off when they speak to him (not me, but others, including Patterson), he doesn't respond on the radio to let us know if he's heard us (asking for change or letting him know that there is a customer in need of an exchange, for instance), he's also apparently got a short fuse. It doesn't help us to constantly complain about getting us "pick-ups" or change (when it's not our choice, but the registers) or to be abrasive to us when we need a game from the back (it's not our fault that the company chooses to keep the games in the back and the final copy of any game to be kept in a book in the safe). Are we supposed to be telling our customers NOT to buy the games, because it inconveniences our manager.

He has to realize that he is getting a baptism by fire, and that it can only get easier after the holiday.

We're so swamped that we haven't been able to complete our tasks (pricing, period planner (posters, signage, etc.) and putting out shipment), simply because we've had to make customer service our top priority and we don't have enough people to do everything. Paul (the M.I.T.) had asked if I would stay late last night (I ended up working the ENTIRE open day (9am to 11pm). UGH! When I got home, I really just wanted to curl up into a ball.
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