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I'm awake...barely...

Yesterday, I had to go into work at 5am (which meant getting up at 4am) and headed in to do inventory at FYE.

While there, I ended up staying until 1:30pm.

I then stayed home briefly (enough to shower and change) and grabbed a bunch of comics and headed to Taco Bell (for dinner) and to work at the movie theatre...I didn't want to be in the house any longer than I had to be.

At the absolute WORST time EVER, our heater in our house busted. It's about 50 degrees in the house as I type this...I'm wearing three layers of clothing. It's bad when my boss calls (Cyndi) this morning and says she's backed up in traffic (from Pa.) and not to come in until 10am...(I would rather be there where it's warm).

After working that very early day, I ended up staying at the movie theatre until just about 11pm or so...I was in bed by midnight and didn't open my eyes until 8am this morning when the alarm went off...

Now, today, I'm in from (now 10am) til 5pm, then head to the movie theatre from 7pm on (while Paul is at the city council meeting).
Tags: fye/generic, fye/inventory, housecrap/broken_heater
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