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Third Friday

Wednesday was crazy. We had our District and Regional managers, who are both actually pretty cool, but they still make me nervous, in for a visit, so it was hectic.
Thursday was more of the same, with lots of people from Off Broad Street Players coming into the store (Stacy, Lisa, James, Lysle and Joyce). Joyce unfortunately had a run-in with one of my rudest customers ever, but as I wrote to her in an e-mail, someday the woman would be one of her customers (Joyce's familiy runs a crematorium).
Last night, I went down to third Friday (after picking up my check/comics). I really enjoyed the show(s) at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts. I especially liked "the Rag Tailor" by Carinne Clandanial. Ms. Clandanial's art was a series of tapestries painted on silk scarves (instead of the standard canvas). Her style and use of color reminded me a lot of the work of Nick Bantock (the author of the Griffin and Sabine books).

Meanwhile, I was less than impressed by Rachel Citrino's paintings at High Street Design. When I said this to Rita Lyman (of "In Progress... Studios" (my final destination for the night)), Rita was surprised because Ms. Citrino is apparently somewhat famous. I told her pretty much "well, I don't know art, but I know what I like"...the woman's stuff didn't look like it took much effort or thought.

While at Rita's, I hung out with R.J. and Terri (who I'd been missing a great deal lately). We created more artist trading cards (a fun semi-regular activity at Rita's studio), this time using a new medium added to the mix of sharpee markers, crayola crayons and colored pencils: fingerpaints!

Rita also serves the best of the snacks. Forget just the usual cheese platters and pepperoni. Rita has peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and juice boxes! Hehe.

Later on in the evening, Larry Ericksen arrived and was looking through the finished cards. He said that he was impressed with the ones that I did. What an interesting discovery to find that I may have an artist's eye. Of course, it's kind of funny that my medium may be fingerpaints of all things!
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