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Walking around in Toronto where there were all those great little bookshops and "naughty" shops and such and not wanting to spend the money on the stuff ('cause some things actually were cheaper in the States) was sometimes hard.

I'd decided that since I was rewarded with a day off and I would be picking up my paycheck that day anyway (and my comics), I would round out my day with a trip to Philly. So, I headed on into the city. As I headed into the city, I decided that I was hungry and headed over to Geno's Steaks down in South Philly.

I know that I've said that Jim's is the best. 1) I'd never had Geno's. 2) I've recently found out that Jim's uses lard on their sandwiches. 3) I've recently met Geno and he's a GREAT guy and I believe in loyalty to my friends. 4) Now that I've tried it, I like Geno's.

It was nice to be able to find FREE parking on the street where I could walk right up to the place and sit and eat. There was also NO line wrapped around the block like at Jim's (which I sometimes wonder whether they work slower just to keep the lines longer). Hell, there wasn't a line wrapped around the block across the street at Pat's either for that matter. Geno was kind enough to treat me to my soda.

After eating, I drove down to South Street and parked at the Whole Foods market. I walked over to Showcase/Atomic City Comics and got a couple of books I'd not gotten. I then walked over to Giovanni's Room (the gay/lesbian bookstore) and picked up a couple of Bear porn mags (100% Beef and American Grizzly) and a normal gay mag (Instinct). From there, I walked back to the Whole Foods. I wasn't really hungry necessarily, but I wanted something cool and sweet, so I got a Blackberry Fruitshake and a fruit cup assortment. Wow! The pineapple, melons, grapes and strawberries were just what I needed.

I then retrieved my car, headed down to Fat Jack's...finding a parking lot for only $7.00 compared to $13.00 as the next cheapest right around the block...I got a couple more books there, then hung out in Barnes and Noble on Walnut (they moved the Borders and I didn't see where until later). I found a couple of places I might want to put into our "hat" for future eating adventures.

Around 7:30pm, I went to the Adrienne Theatre on Sansom to see "Chain. Link. Fence". It was initially just for the titilation of there being male nudity on stage (I've seen another show there about two years ago by the same writer/director that was also quite loaded with male nudity). The play itself, even not considering the nudity, was actually pretty good. It was an adaptation of "La Ronde" (whatever that means...I really need to read more). At least it took the convention of the earlier play. Basically, it was eight scenes with eight characters. Each scene was two characters. One of the characters from the first scene would then be joined by a different guy in the next scene and so on until the last scene where the last guy introduced was in a scene with the guy from the first scene we haven't seen since that scene. Basically, it was about how our actions effect more than just ourselves and may have repercussions that effect even people we don't know. I thought that most of the actors were very good (there was maybe only one clunker in the bunch). There were at least two very attractive guys and two moderately attractive guys (who were all naked for prolonged moments on stage). It made me wonder whether I'd be able to do that on stage (I think so, but it would be easier with either strangers in the audience or only my artist/actor friends (or fellow gay and/or nudist friends). I don't think that I would want my aunt or my mother in the audience, but other than that...what the hell).

When I got home, again, I pretty much collapsed when I got to my bed.
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