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Let's make this one short and sweet:

Sunday was a LONG day in the car. We got our money changed back into American (except for a little bit), stopped at the local McDonald's (there were a couple of "LTOs" that we HAD to try: grilled steak flatbread (it was similar to a Baja Gordita from Taco Bell, but much better with the addition of a BBQ sauce on top) and a BLUEBERRY pie (I've seen the typical apple, cherry and even peach, but haven't seen blueberry south of the border...excellent), bought two dozen Tim Horton's donuts (to have a dozen for ourselves and a dozen to bring the boys at the movie theatre (as a thank you for working our shifts for us)), picked up some more candy (more of those Kit Kat Orange bars and other stuff), got some candy for Chris and Andrea and picked up some "Batt's Blue" beer nuts for Shawn (since he's having his "barwarming" in a few next Saturday...he's building his own bar for his house).

When we got done at the Duty-Free shop, the traffic was so badly backed up, we didn't actually get to the border until an hour later! When we got there, the border guard must have seen that we had been waiting for some time...he didn't ask to see our identification, but only asked us where we were from. "New Jersey" and quickly waved us in). After making a stop to gas up (we'd used up quite a bit while sitting in that line), we switched places and I drove the rest of the way home (we mostly listened to the gay talk station throughout the day).

When we got home, we stopped into the movie theatre to give the guys the donuts and we got to the house and pretty much just collapsed (we still haven't gotten the luggage out of his car).
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