Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Heart, Soul and Holmes

Well, tonight we had our official opening night of the show...some highlights:

1) during the free preview the night before, during a scene change, a bottle of "brandy" (that was actually filled with iced tea) landed on the floor and broke...we replaced it with a REAL bottle of REAL brandy (that I'm going to have a bit of a nip of during my performance in the first of the one-acts every evening)

2) My Aunt Bette and her friend, Gail, came to see the show tonight. Gail is Bette's best friend since high school and I've known her since I was a baby. It was wonderful to know that they were out there seeing the show.

3). Sharing stories with Tom, Amanda, Kristie and, of course, Michelle in the green room.


1) one of the actors had their little nephew, who I'll call "Damien", in the audience tonight. Don't be rude to actors in a live theatre. Don't be rude to the other patrons in the audience. Keep your children home if they can't be quiet. If you absolutely MUST have that child in the audience at least once, perhaps it might be a good idea to have him/her attend a dress rehearsal instead, so that if the actors are thrown off by the noise it doesn't affect the show that the PAYING audience is there to not only see but HEAR.

For ticket info: Holly City Repertory Theatre. The show is being performed tomorrow (Apr 5), and next week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (the 10, 11, and 12th). Curtain is at 8pm.

Come on out and support the arts!
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