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I read Maria's Wedding the other night while at work at the movie theatre and thought it was real sweet. My only real complaint is that sometimes a couple of the characters look a bit alike (though they should since they are members of a family) and found myself looking back at the kindly provided "dramatis personae" (in the form of a "Family Tree") to keep track of who was who).

The story is simple and would probably appeal to fans of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and that ilk. However, the characters presented here aren't simply just quaint stereotypes. There are all types represented here.

I don't want to add any spoilers here. It's very charming and may be better for those of you who have had to suffer through these rituals with your family (though this family is Italian, it's not very different from the Jewish weddings I've attended over the years).

This isn't just a "chick" book, nor is it a simple romance story (though there are several romantic storylines). I'd love to visit with the members of this family again in future volumes (perhaps at Maria's Baby Shower?)
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