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Well, it looks like we're all set...

We're going to be near ruralrob's neck of the woods on Friday and Saturday. We'll be up in Toronto for our Eleventh Anniversary.

It's my second time in the city. The other time (a couple of years ago) was "okay". We didn't do a whole lot of anything. We walked around shopping mostly and ate at the Planet Hollywood (the fourth I've been to...the other three being Atlantic City, Chicago (which is now closed) and Orlando). This time, we might do the CN Tower, The Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Gayborhood (Church and Wellesley).

Paul got a Sirius Satellite Radio installed in his car just in time for the trip. This should be a blast.
Meanwhile, I'm typing this from my hot new computer...Alby and Linda (Paul's parents) built it for me for a combo Birthday/Christmas present (so they gave it to me halfway between). It's got a DVD burner (so as soon as we get every put together, Paul is going to be making a DVD of his show "Edited For Television" (I want a bonus feature of "Two Hits and a Miss" included...for the maybe three of you who read this that know what that is...the rest of you, that was my video tech project in college, made with miskosmind and our friend, was an homage to "Three's Company", sort of).

I've been in the process of uninstalling/reinstalling (rinse, lather, repeat as necessary) "the Sims" and installing/moving all of my programs onto the new drive (it's about 100 Gigs).
Tomorrow, I'm going back to sing at "Queeraoke" at "Bounce" (this time with Marni in tow (and maybe Meghan and Christine who work at the "Piercing Pagoda" in our mall). Meghan is an old friend from when I worked at the video store. Marni is a former cast mate from my second RHPS cast and a former fellow audience mate at my first RHPS theatre (where I later performed with my first cast). It was fun last week and it was great not to have to worry about the "rotation" or "this guy wants to sing this song, but so-and-so always sings could cause a fight" and all that other crap and just get up and sing. It was also nice to be able to sing whatever I want without hassle (hey, I'm pretty good at "chick" songs, thankyouverymuch!). However, I have to admit that it was a little odd not to have ANYONE in a place raise an eyebrow when I'm singing about the "Son of a Preacher Man" who was the "only boy who could ever teach me"...I kind of ENJOY wrinkling a few noses and rolling a few eyes!


I've also received two separate e-mails from members of "Off Broad Street Players" asking me to audition for "Cabaret". Here is why it's sort of a problem:

I want to be in the show.
On the other hand, another group is doing it in the summer.
On the other hand, I may not be cast in the one in the summer and I'll have blown this opportunity to be in this show.
On the other hand, I may get cast in THIS one and want to be in the second one (and I know that it will eliminate me, not only because I've performed with this group but because "he's just done the part and we should give someone else a chance" (which is valid, but is also an easy way for the people who want to eliminate me because of "theatre politics" to do so).
On the other hand, I may not and it would crush me and it would affect my OWN opinion of myself and whether I'm worthy of having the part I want in the summer.
On the other hand, I know I can handle this part and that I could have a good chance of getting it.
On the other hand, if I get the part, it's a half-hour drive (one way) and gas isn't exactly cheap these days (even with "BJ's Warehouse" prices) and I'm working at a "McJob" right now and am barely affording my weekly comics haul and the occasional CD or DVD (and that's with my 30 percent discount). On top of that, there's always the chance that the bank that oversees Paul's trust could fuck us over royally and stop sending his trust fund checks (it's happened once already).
On the other hand, I don't want to hurt the feelings of the director who is doing the auditions right now.
On the other hand, I'm supposed to be starting rehearsals for "Hamlet" very soon with dyrylykt as director. Do I want to take on rehearsals for TWO shows at the same time (while juggling TWO jobs), knowing that I also enjoy something called sleep (not to mention surfing the internet, playing the Sims, reading comics and watching television).
On the other hand, I'm banking on the fact that Richard Curcio (or possibly, Paul, who is also going to be putting into direct the show) is going to be the director of the show in the summer. I trust that Richard will put the theatre politics aside for this particular show and that I will get my fairest shake. Paul has said that since he wants to direct the show he doesn't want to be "influenced" by watching another version, either.

Of course, I had also said that I wasn't going to even DO a show this past summer and I ended up getting my best reviews to date...go figure. One way or another, I'm going to be in a show this summer, I guess.
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