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What was I so afraid of?

First of all, I had nearly no trouble figuring out the directions to the place from Mapquest (though sometimes, I'm afraid they are going to point me a bit out of the way).

Second, I arrived before any of my friends. It was fairly big inside and open. My first thought was that it reminded me a bit of "Eugene's" in Vineland (where we worked at when it was called "Club X-S"). I liked that place even though it was kind of an old dump just 'cause it had "character". It also had GREAT acoustics. This place didn't let me down on that account.

I was one of only two singers the poor host had for a while (I never did get his name, but I will when I go in the future...and I will go back). Then a couple of stragglers made their way in and joined us.

I hit a couple of clunkers along the way, when I tried some songs I rarely did. I then realized that I should do some songs that I *know* I'm good at. I did great on "Build Me Up, Buttercup", "I Will Survive" (the gay crowd appreciated that one), "Hello Again" and "Take a Bow" (I had to do it...if there is one song I miss singing on a regular basis, it was this one that I traditionally ended the show with).
It was nice to be able to hang out with Frank, Josh, elmotheemo and anidfreak. I also got to meet some of their friends. One thing I liked about this place as opposed to the other gay bars I've experienced: I saw lesbians and gay men sitting together and interacting (whether playing pool or having a drink together). I saw guys who weren't in the best of shape. I saw guys who were of varying ages and colors. Nice.

My only complaint with the KJ would be that he hasn't updated his book since last March. It's time he went out and got some new songs! I was also not happy to see that there was only a book sorted by artist and not song title (since I like to look through both...sometimes, you see something in one that you just didn't even notice in the other). Also, there are songs that I like to do that I don't always remember the artists (I would have loved to do, for instance, the "I-95 Song"). My only other real complaint was that there were TONS of typos in the book (as the guy who typed up all of our books (albeit with the aid of "Karaoke Spigot") I ALWAYS proofread the thing...any mistakes that slipped past me were changed and updated in the NEXT edition as soon as we did one).
Oh! And they had a Megatouch 6000! The Megatouch video game had "Photo Hunt" (or as we call it "Tits"). We always play "Babes" (with pictures of chicks), never "Hunks" ('cause 1) they generally aren't and 2) they're harder (pun not intended)). The girls are in just such cheesy pictures that it's a blast (and I've noticed you can get the same picture a bunch of times and there will be different things wrong in the picture each time). We call it "Tits" 'cause inevitably, something will be different about the girls tits. Either they will be missing a bra strap or they'll have on a different bustier or something like that. It's always the tits, their hair and something with their jewelry...but it's still pretty fun.
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